UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week

UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week. In Brooklyn New York, the United States, A new york couple were at the rooftop enjoying their afternoon weather, Then they noticed a bright flash in the sky which caught their eyes. The man looked up but couldn’t see anything, then the couple looked up, both witnessed the flash again and what appeared to be a shape of a Transparent Flying Object. The building is in Brooklyn and the object was spotted south of La Guardia Airport. UFO Dragon Spotted Flying in New York this week unidentified flying objects ufo unidentified flying object ufo sighting. Unidentified aerial phenomena unidentified aerial phenomena task force uap ufo sightings new york ufo sightings NASA nasa news SpaceX new york ufo new york ufo in new york dragon ufo. ufo dragon ufo spotted ufos aliens alien space craft space space news science ufo news mufon alien news whatif what if Riddle tic tac ufo ufo videos ufo sightings in Argentina UFO UAP United States of America ufos. Increased ufo sightings in America ufo sightings in US.

At First, they thought a flock of birds but were too high to fly and move too fast coordinatedly. The couple said at times the object looked like a cloth or a transparent flag, but the flight path seemed oddly smooth and unpredictable.

The couple then explained because the object or the UFO looking almost transparent, it’s hard to say but seemed to spiral down in a controlled way. It appeared to be a physical object that reflected the light of the sun only at certain angles when turning. Other than those moments where the sun reflection flashed, it was very hard to see it.

The man’s wife started filming it and he ran to get the binoculars when he got back the object disappeared. His wife filmed the whole video until it disappears.

The couple continued to explain, they felt it was high and large, but is very hard to say exactly what they saw, even after watching their video it’s hard to say what could they have seen. It could be some natural phenomenon, If it was it’s a strange one at least.

After analyzing the Video, At first, we thought it was a reflection of a fish from behind the camera person’s back, but they were not behind any window glass, they were on the rooftop so, it’s not a fish reflection. So we have jumped to another thought of a conclusion. It may be a flying kite or a balloon shaped like a white dragon or a bird, because of the spiral down the landing and the left to right turn consistently.

So what do you think? Is this UFO or an Alien origin UFO or a Kite shaped like a Dragon or advanced military Technology?

MUFON, 118205,2021-09-24, Brooklyn NY, US.

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UFO SIGHTING NEWS : TicTac UFO Reported in South Korea, I saw the Same UFO Last Week! Was it ISS ?👽

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Some kind of TicTac UFO was caught on camera while flying over the county of Muan-gun, South Korea on July, 21. The UFO traveled during 5 minutes above the village, at least 3 km from the location of the witness who lives in a farm, before turning and disappearing. Nearby airport confirmed there were no planes flying at the time. Could it be the ISS ? A satellite ? To give an answer to these questions is not so easy because you’ll see that this video is rather intriguing…

There’s more to say, more to explore together and we invite you now to join this new journey with us on Section 51 ! Subscribe now !

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The Final Week Is Here For The 180 Day UFO Report! Marco Rubio Has A Hot Take On New Information 🔥🙊

June 2021, the moment at which many millions of fans of the UFO phenomenon — and after the tumult of recent weeks, there can be no doubt that the number is at least in the millions — are now convinced that our government — or people loosely associated with our government — is on the brink of revealing what it knows about UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. Do you think this is legit?

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UFO TV NEWS – REPORT – As soon as next week – Lue Elizondo – CNN Newsroom

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The News Cycle is still on FIRE about UFO’s..!!
Full segment of CNN Newsroom interview with Lue Elizondo, the former Director of AATIP (The Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program) about recent UFO / UAP video footage leaks and releases, as well as what can be expected in the forthcoming 180 day UFO report to Congress.

Mr. Elizondo is also a former Senior Counterintelligence Officer for the Department of Defense ( DoD ).
Being primarily focused on secretive investigations of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena ( UAPs ) more commonly known as Unidentified Flying Objects ( UFOs ) the classified program first garnered the attention of the public on December 16, 2017, when the world was stunned by an article published by the NY Times publication entitled “Glowing Auras and ‘Black Money’: The Pentagon’s Mysterious U.F.O. Program”.
The program was initiated in 2007, with an approved budget of $22 million to be used until 2012 when the program would either cease, or request further budget appropriations.
The Department of Defense reported that the program indeed ended in 2012 after a working period of 5 years.
There has since been wide speculation that the program did in fact continue under another name, along with other alleged investigative groups.
Mr. Elizondo has an extensive background serving in a variety of capacities for the Pentagon / Department of Defense being specially trained for strategic and tactical special operations which led to many sensitive and critical missions in the warzones of the Middle East, and counter narco-operations in South America.
Mr. Elizondo was also a key official in ensuring to keep America safe, strengthening the National Security of the United States by serving in the capacity of intelligence-gathering in Guantanamo Bay, against many of America’s most murderous, and notorious adversaries.
Since leaving the AATIP program, Mr. Elizondo has made it a personal crusade to get over many obstacles and hurdles in order to pursue continued research and investigations into the mystery of the UFOs that have buzzed US Navy Carrier Strike groups around the world, flown with impunity into restricted air space, interacted with sensitive National Defense assets, and traversed trans-medium environments such as Space, the Oceans, and the Skies around the globe..

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