Watching the Night Sky Over X-15 Crash Site…

Night sky-watching for UFO activity at the X-15 Michael Adams Memorial (X-15 Crash Site) reveals a meteor shower in the sky above. The crash site is located in Johannesburg, California, within the Mojave Desert. Tracey did not go along on this trip.

GPS: 35.419853, -117.601776
DATE: 10/26/2020
TIME: 11:00 PM – 5:00 AM

“X-15 Flight 3-65-97, also known as X-15 Flight 191 (due to being the 191st free flight of the X-15), was a test flight of the North American X-15 experimental aircraft. It took place on November 15, 1967, and was piloted by Michael J. Adams. It ended in tragedy when the aircraft broke apart minutes after launch due to technical difficulties, killing the pilot, and destroying the plane… The aircraft broke up northeast of the town of Johannesburg 10 minutes and 35 seconds after launch. An Air Force pilot, who was filling in for another chase pilot, spotted the main wreckage northwest of Cuddeback Lake. The aircraft was destroyed, and Adams was killed.” – Wikipedia

Go to original youtube video here UC9mVNQu54jwGf_eNBWlCb7w

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