1. Dave, you may not agree that the V is the mark, but it is, it is being incremented in stages, and they will soon have the technology in place to put it in the hand or the forehead. We are seeing just the beginning stages of it now. I totally agree about the fallen angels and Blue Beam, they will use that to deceive millions of people. Check out Bette Steven's latest video about the V, she has also some in her archives on what she was shown going on in Antarctica. Very detailed stuff. She is on youtube as A Servants Heart.

  2. Nazi Germany was deeply involved in the occult. Most people to this day think of the occult as just a conspiracy not to be taken seriously. The Nazis took it very seriously and their involvement in it was hidden from the public. Today there elitists in powerful positions of authority who are deep into occultism. It's in our face but people still don't believe it.

  3. What warning? No such things as aliens it tired and true demons! Oooo so if they are on their way then so is the rapture. Hallelujah I’m going home!!! ❤️ the deception is on its way it’s called project blue beam.

  4. It is the mark of the beast because it turns your God gene off that's in the middle of your forehead and now you're doing the works of it with your hands get another people to get it The beast is the government based system are you marked by it

  5. The convid IS the great deception, the world has been deceived by big pharma, thus pharmakeia.
    Where are the blood samples shown to be infected with this convid, and where are the isolated and cultured samples of this convid taken from blood? THERE ARE NONE, THE PCR tests are NOT TO DIAGNOSE ANYTHING, and that is from the mouth of the inventor of PCR tests who just happened to die the fall before the convid lie came to the world mainstream media…
    he also said Fauci was a HUGE fraud, which is absolutely true.

  6. They are real but if they wanted To come here they probably don't want to come here. But what we are seeing is are own stuff project blue beam maybe. But if I was an alien I would not stop here i would keep going lol. This is there plan b, c, d xyz crap stay focus. Lol. Don't watch the ABC CNN crap and so on news only stuff I watch is your channel and the truth channels. Thanks Dave.

  7. Didn't that German scientist we got from WW2 (name?) warn about UFO's being used? The German's knew. I agree, it will be the great deception. One more link in the human take down

  8. Dave can you check to see if battle of dulce is true? 1979. Us forces vs reptoid aliens(demons?) At underground lab in dulce, nm. Many catle mutilations there i met a zuni indian that they believed the place to be haunted. When i was stationed at holloman afb, nm 1977-79 many ufo sightings.(whitsands missile range).

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