TALK IS CHEAP [Ep168] LHW Craziness | UFO News updates | Past Life Memories (LIVE SHOW)

On today’s live show we’re going over the CRAZY breaking news from the new age group “LOVE HAS WON”.  We will also be talking about the latest developments in the UFO disclosure narrative and the upcoming report for the end of June.  Also, Pete touches upon some past life memories from his just over 2-year-old daughter.

LHW 7 arrested►
LHW Deep Dive documentary►
Former LHW member speaks out►
Bill Gates Solar Geoengineering►
IN5D – Chem Plane pictures►
Harry Reid Putin behind UFO►
Pentagon admitting to UFO Testing►
Catholic’s talk Aliens conference►
Shrimp on a Treadmill►
CNN: DEW near WH ►


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18 Comments on “TALK IS CHEAP [Ep168] LHW Craziness | UFO News updates | Past Life Memories (LIVE SHOW)”

  1. At 3:27…"NON ALCOHOLIC", I'm unsubbing…lol
    Oh well, talk is cheap…but beer ain't, so.

    Also, UFOs are definitely piloted by "fallen angels" and it other countries or fake aliens from other planets. The are demonic beings from other dimensions. Watch this:

  2. The scary thing about that ladies rules are that it's mixed with truth and lies. Creating a confusing ground for its followers-the perfect kind for a culture….The thing about the spiritual community is that they get a dream or a vision which is very symbolic and open to interpretation and it often kickstarts them on a journey however if their interpretation is incorrect then it can often have a very different result than was originally intended because remember that the reception can be extremely symbolic like just because you see a vision of Jesus does not mean you were them in a past life or they will come again and rid the world of evil come on now. Sadly most fall victim to this all around the world especially in religion.

  3. Around 33.10 Bashar mentioned exactly the same thing about that saying that it's all due to our governments trying their best to reduce climate change but that the true answer would be to sprinkle gold but that's not likely since people value gold so much. I think it was gold I forgot as it was a few years ago he said that in response to chemtrails. What is being talked about here confirms exactly that..Bashar also said about that that some believe that there is a negative agenda but if we wish to remain on a positive Earth it would be wise not to buy into the negative side of those.

  4. Pete REALLY REALLY REALLY needs to watch every past lives video on YouTube where it involves kids. It will help to know what to watch out for and how to talk with her when she starts remembering things.
    I watched a bunch of them over a week or so and heard VERY VERY interesting things. One detail was that: new arrivals PICK their parents. This one boy told his mommie that when he picked his mommie and daddy, to be born too, they were in a pink hotel. And they never told him that ON THE DAY HE WAS CONCEIVED, they had went to The Bahamas and stayed in a pink hotel for their honeymoon. Parents were picked, according to him, for being the best ones for each of us to be best match for the life lessons that each of us need to learn while we are here. Implying that we get to see possibly an overall view of ACTUALLY how our lives will go with different sets of parents and we pick which ones we think will work best for our situation. (No more complaining after we get here to our parents stuff like, when kids get mad at their parents and say stuff like, "well, I didn't even want to be born, and I didn't get no say in it".

    Watching examples of past life interviews with kids is a VERY interesting subject to research, and by the way, would make one hell of a topic for a future "Talk is cheap" show episode. I for one, would be glued to the screen to see it, for sure. And it would help Pete out with his daughter to jump into this, which sounds like, he is eager to do.
    Great job guys, take care and may The Most High God bless you guys always.

  5. You missed a lot of the new UFO news that came out today. Including the Nimitz's female pilot coming out public on 60 minutes

  6. It is UVA's Department of Psychiatry's research unit: the Division of Perceptual Studies. There are countless stories to be found online of kids talking about past lives, even in mainstream news (ABC News: Parents Think Boy Is Reincarnated Pilot) and social media (reddit: Parents, what spooky past life memory did your kid utter?). There are also countless books, such as 'Between Life and Death' by Dolores Cannon (or her eighteen other titles).

    I know you guys have discussed QHHT before, but it's been awhile. I'd love to see more of this, as Dolores trained many people all around the world and these practitioners can be found on YouTube, along with other modalities that evolved from this method (such as BQH). I get the feeling that you might have gotten away from this topic due to certain things, such as 'the event', not happening. Also perhaps due to your session (Dan), which is by far the worst I've ever seen. I say this with much love, truly. I mean this in the nicest possible way. I find it hard to believe your practitioner is well-trained in QHHT, because that is not how to ask questions, and you didn't seem to be actually hypnotized. Perhaps you should try again, with a level 3 QHHT practitioner (or Alison Coe, I know you know her).

    Besides that, it is effectively impossible to predict events by certain times due to the way timelines work. Like all authentic predictions, what is seen is based on the now-moment, so these conditions exist under current circumstances. Situations change constantly due to our decisions, which are generally unpredictable. That is our free will, our choice, to change direction. This is how we shift timelines. As such, I suggest not to be discouraged just because certain events haven't occurred. In fact, for those with eyes to see, there is much to be excited about. Even normies now say they feel something big is coming, but they're not being told the truth about what that is. You better believe a spiritual awakening is happening on a grand, collective level.

    I think you should interview some of these people. Suzanne Spooner is probably the most experienced out of all of them and is wonderful. Laura Whitworth posts frequently on YT and has also interviewed a handful of other practitioners, like Sarah Breskman Cosme who recently published a book on Atlantis and Lemuria. Todd Deviney has some of the most profound information and wrote an excellent book 'Expansion for Ascending Consciousness: Understanding the Universe, Consciousness, and Ascension'. I have listened to hundreds of hours of sessions and these are some of the best to be found online.

  7. I am sure they know the intent of the UFOs. They have been meeting the governments since Truman made an agreement.

  8. Don't blame it on the sunshine.
    Don't blame it on the moonlight.

    Blame it on the Russians.

  9. Great show guys! @Rainbowwarrior is the best!! I live in Maricopa county. I have anxiety too about them stopping the audit for graduation. Wish I was musically tech savvy to help with the intro. Much ❤️ guys

  10. Hey guys, you said something about the pyramid, I captured a clip of it by accident when I was filming a drone/ WTF one afternoon at my place. They were following it I would say…

  11. Let's not forget about how much it cost to fund the hadroncollider /ww2 dooms, day machine… EMF.

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