5 Comments on “Tennessee MUFON on Fox News in Memphis Local UFO Sightings on the Rise in Memphis”

  1. Hello my name is david and even if you look further into this email address you will still not find my real name but besides the fact I live in tennessee and I've seen 3 ufo's in the past 5 years I'm trying to put together a team kind of like a star team or night Watchers because I know certain techniques with laser sights fireworks and noise frequency displays in fact know how to make contact with these beings so I'm looking for someone in Tennessee he was interested in the same thing not only can we get a closer and counter online or on video we can make money off of it and then start our own organization which will lead to the human life living a little bit better instead of enslaving our selves with work because we're trying to turn water into oil and gas to keep everything running when in fact these beings have unlimited energy that won't ruin the planet But ultimately my plan is to make contact on camera please get ahold of me at 901 277 5056 thank you

  2. Humans want to believe that there is something more than us. If U really want to believe in something or someone, believe in Jesus. Why do want to believe so much that there are little green, grey, transparent creatures out there. What they are, are demons if anything. Keep your heart closed to evil and your mind open to everything else. But seriously, the triangled ships, that's our government. Be safe people.

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