That UFO Podcast – Breaking News – Lue Elizondo in San Marino, 2022 UAP Bills (HR.4350 & S.2610)

Andy & Dan break down the news that two bills (HR.4350 & S.2610) are currently in the works which hopefully result in not only more progress but a permanent UAP office being set up in the US Govt.
Also, Lue Elizondo is out in San Marino right now and Max Moszcowicz is keeping us up to date with goings on from the scene.

Max & Lue Elizondo – Part 1:
Max & Lue Elizondo – Part 2:

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5 Comments on “That UFO Podcast – Breaking News – Lue Elizondo in San Marino, 2022 UAP Bills (HR.4350 & S.2610)”

  1. Probably all the crash materials are in private corporations and you should look more in the1945 crash trinity sight

  2. I really enjoy this format of discussion. It always gets the creative juices flowing listening to you both talk. Thanks guys! ❀️

  3. They aren't πŸ‘½ alien

    They are the descendants of an ancient breakaway away terrestrial civilisation.πŸ›Έ

    Before the cataclysm, they were a high civilization. They enjoy the use of many advanced technologies. πŸš€

    They fled earth and have continued to exist independently for over ten thousand years. β˜„

    They were already ahead of where we are today when they fled and have had over 10 thousand years to advance independently, on the moon πŸŒ™

    They can appear human, only proven descendants via DNA test , blood tests showing off levels of pollutants. 🏭

    Ask yourself, why would aliens from a completely isolated planet or solar system be anything resembling us. πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

    Humanoids from another solar system? It's impossible. If they are humanoid it's because they are distant relatives of us.


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