The Bendigo UFO Wave 1983 – collection of news reports

This video is a collection of news reports on the little known Bendigo UFO Wave, occuring over Victoria Australia in 1983. Find more information and a link to the official government file on this incident below. The link will also have higher quality photos and sketches shared during the news reports taken direct from the file. Subscribe if you enjoy our content and want to see more.

Link to file:

During the evenings of late May 1983 many people, estimated to be in the hundreds, witnessed unusual lights and unconventional craft in the skies over Bendigo and the surrounding regions. According to meteorology reports the weather during these evenings were considered ‘still, cool and clear’. Initial reports, direct to the RAAF, and to other agencies such as radio stations and newspapers, were admitted to be highly consistent. The RAAF also stated that air traffic activity in Bendigo during the time of the sightings was limited. The little traffic that was in the area moved conventionally whereas the mysterious lights appeared to remain stationary, usually for extended periods. It was officially announced that no spurious or unaccounted for radar ‘paints’ from the Bendigo area were recorded during the Bendigo UFO wave.


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  1. I live in rockbank. And presently have seen sum trippy shit in the sky. Not drones the it aircraft from earth either.

  2. The one military guy described the same thing that's been seen all over the planet and was over Belgium during their flap. Some call it the TR3B, a black triangle with big white lights at each corner with a smaller blinking or flashing red light in the center.

  3. Whenever I have seen the TV program Nieghbours Steph SCULLY is always going back & forward to Bendigo!!

  4. 👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀🖖 Awesome pictures of Extraterrestrial Alien UFOs!

  5. they are definitely keeping an eye on us and studying mostly peaceful with tons of wicked knowledge but gotta get over the freakishness of their looks , be nice to one another and do good .


  6. You can read historical cases from all over the world dating way back , Brazilian friendship and abduction cases can be pretty phenomenal , i seen heaps of UFOs with friends and thru telescope , they are so beautiful to look at if you lucky to find them and if you flash them with a good light they might even flash you back , they will expand our knowledge scientifically and spiritually but very cautious to approach humans as people can become violent or way too freaked out by the whole encounter thing , im yet to see any entity but if they have good intentions im quite open to at least greet them (^_^) .

  7. I remember this . I was around 17 . We lived in southern N.S.W. on a property . At the same time as these sightings were occuring my father and I witnessed what looked like farm machinery (orange light on top white light on the bottom) moving across a field before dawn as we went to work . As we moved toward a low lying bridge it also moved in the same direction . It eventually moved across the field , through the trees and onto the river and started going up the river . I begged my father to follow it but got no response .My friend who lived up river from our sighting said their dogs crawled up under the house .These sightings in Victoria went on for around 4 or 5 days in a row . It was the leading story in the national news and one of the headlines with graphics was "UFO swoops police car" no joke .

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