The Best UFO Sightings on the whole World! February 2019

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The Best UFO Sightings on the whole World! February 2019
Witness statement as follows:
Video Credits:

Netzaid Vazquez Diaz
Lights on the sky (MINNESOTA)

UFO Bradford, England UK

Strange light in the sky

eric rhinehart

Master wayne Jones
Possible ufo? Kansas
My first tought was this is a plane. Because of the lights and what not. But ive never seen a plane fly this low, or this large. what makes me say possible ufo is the size, shape, and how quiet it is. Im going to say its a plane, but know this is very very unusual for my area. How its silent, flight path, size, shape and how low it is, it simply makes me question it. Im going to say plane but what do you think?

Svetlana Maksimova

Alfa_ _Tee

German Shepherd

zerro hell
Avistamiento ovni en capital


Mario Partida
UFO sighting in Santa Cruz Ca

Rebecca Smith
Chemtrails Oklahoma Skies

Scary noise heard from colorado

Armen Apozyan

Jd Jhsp


David Khugaev
UFO appears close to Nevada area

Ufo avvistato sopra i cieli di milano


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