The Biggest News in UFO HISTORY | No Questions… UFO's Are REAL!

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Thank you to all those who have helped get the word out, including the To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science, Bob Lazar, Jeremy Corbell and George Knapp. The search for the truth has barely begun.

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45 Comments on “The Biggest News in UFO HISTORY | No Questions… UFO's Are REAL!”

  1. The more you think about this one, the more you realise how big of a deal this actually is. Here is lots of further information on all this, including an awesome video of Bob Lazar breaking down the video – 


    FULL UFO Videos:

    Stay safe everyone, and take a moment to look up at the stars tonight and ponder on what could be up there…

  2. This footage already been debunk so many times. This is not a big deal. Because most of us know how easily all.this can be explained.
    Captain Disillusion, Thunderfoot debunk this. If u saw there video then u will realise how stupid this really is.

  3. "The American people deserve to be informed" ~ what's with the rest of the world? Why is America always talking about the American people when it's the whole world's business?! I don't get it…

  4. here's the thing that bugs me , the assumption they are a threat….

    they have tech far more advanced than ours, they likely have interstellar flight and in earth flight capabilities , they fly close because obviously they wouldn't understand flight or aviation rules here and they have flight capability of flying at much higher then supersonic speeds while being extremely close , we have no idea how or what power such vehicles so have no idea how that tech would interact with ours so inevitably when coming close mistakes would happen… is entirely possible a thing such as a simple scan could have a devastating effect on our tech shutting it down completely.

    these things have NEVER posed a direct threat taking those things in to account , think of it like humans do , we observe we go in for a close look we probe we scan we like to know what's what and why……so why would they be any different…there has never been a recorded direct confrontation with one of these objects that caused THEM to attack , yet we assume threat threat threat.

  5. They were test drones not UFO’s. I’m a big believer that there IS life out there but this footage is simply drone test sequences. They did ALL this back in the 50’s and 60’s. They were testing top secret machinery that they didn’t want the Soviets to catch on to so the governments actively encouraged UFO talk but then publicly denied it to create conspiracy and further cover up the truth that it was topsecret tech and millions of pounds of dodgy money being spent.

  6. i'm sorry if i'm being ignorant but that bright UFO at around 15:44 looks like it's just some sunlight reflection on the cockpit's windshield…
    it moves aroun as the pilot seemingly shuffles around and also, seems to wobble

  7. I love how Sean Hannity denied the existence of flying saucers but as soon as two fighter pilots said they saw something, he was like, well they could exist

  8. It's like these objects have the ability to teleport. Or are they bending spacetime and reality to give the impression of teleportation 🤔…so much inwannanknow.

  9. All these years of UFO mysteries and still we can't even get a clear picture of a single Ufo 🙁

  10. Thank you for all of your hard work, especially for all of the extra work you are all putting in to bring us daily videos, I know you must be working crazy hours to do this. ❤👏

  11. I’m sick of seeing Jeremy Corbel, as soon as I hear his name I switch off and all credibility is lost. He is not an investigative journalist of any kind. He is a money grabbing fraud.

  12. If tomorrow all major governments reveal to the public that there are tens of thousands of unexplained instances, what good would happen? As much as I'd like to see more footage as food for the mind, that's all it would be for anyone. IMO, anyone who says the public “needs“ or “deserves“ to know is simply trying to satisfy their morbid curiosity. I personally wouldn't trade the risk of mass hysteria for being able to watch videos and think “wow, that's cool/scary. I wonder what it is“ (which is all any of us would realistically be able to do).

  13. I mean no disrespect or negative impact on you, because I love your show. For me the possibility of alien encounters and the possibility that we have known about it for decades. Also with the Pentagon released a statement saying we actually have components not of this world and some of it is very old (backing up Bob's claims). Is more important that a virus we will eventually get past. The new information changes everything we know of history, science, evolution, everything. The world is going to be upside down and everything we thought we knew is no more. That's huge!!!!

  14. If this is strongest evidence we have for aliens visiting earth then it's very poor. It's 2020, cameras are everywhere, not just militarily. It's far more likely to be from this planet. It will take much stronger evidence to convince me at least.

  15. For all guys didnt know we had been visited by the blue avian in 2011-2017? I guess or 2018 it was covered up by the nasa held by the elites or deepstate … the blue avian visited earth 3x in the past… egypt one of their destination…. u can see the evidence there in their wall a pharoh having a bird mask…. all the visitation was covered up… back in the days eisenhower had been visited by the name valiant thor an alien from venus… the solar system studies are all lies… valiant thor worked with the usa government for three years… ive been visited by the blue avian back in 2015 …im one of thise starseed people visited by the being they show themselves as a blue light sphere…. and akso saw them in dreams… this planet is run by insane people the elites and control the system through religion and politics… u should be aware and open your conscious mind

  16. I feel as if these objects were toying with us. There isn't a way to pinpoint their potential. They have been known to transform appearance in mid-flight. They have established their superiority by making us seem flat-footed and mono-dimensional by comparison. Their maneuvering makes you doubt any similarity to us biologically…

  17. I reminded of the sr-71 blackbird. It was made in the fifties, but we didn't know about it until the seventies. It's all a tech cover-up. But government definitely overstepping it's bounds on this subject.

  18. ufo : right lads we need to cool the engines down and collect some water lets go

    military : we've detected something on our radar send jets out to investigate

    jets : on route to object

    (gets close)
    jets : what the fuck is that?

    ufo : wtf is that?

    jets : lets go investgate

    ufo: lets go investigate

    both wtf???

  19. here's one thing that pisses me off , it's fear mongering.

    lets assume (like many do) that they have been here/ monitoring us since the birth of man …..they have done nothing yet so why assume after thousands of years all of sudden they will.

    one thing we can't do is learn that kind of technology we can't be allowed since nearly everything we have and do is based on war …….just imagine what would happen…

  20. Brilliant video. Thanks so much. No hype just facts. But one tiny Criticism…it's the Persian gulf pronounced Pershan…not Pers i a n. Minor point but excellent video…subscribed

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