The "Chinaman" Grave Site in McKittirck, CA – S2E4

Tim makes his way all alone to the “Chinaman” grave site located in the oil fields of McKittrick, California’s central valley. Once there, Tim will keep an eye on the grave-site and also watch the sky for UFO activity. What will happen?

UFO Seekers Original Music Tracks by Robert Holm.

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22 Comments on “The "Chinaman" Grave Site in McKittirck, CA – S2E4”

  1. You have incredible investigative skills!! Seriously. I am a professional investigator and you are really good!

  2. That poor soul just wants to go home. Why dont you help him? Find someone who knows how to lead a soul over. He would really appreciated it.

  3. How are you able to have this kind of free time, I always watch, like your videos , but are you guys lottery winners, independently wealthy? I gotta give you credit though, you go where most wont and do put in the time. Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Doesn't seem like Aliens would be interested in our fossil fuels. 🙂 Gold, Nuclear and living creatures including us.

  5. California has MORE Aberrations than any other state in our continental boundaries.
    That is why the most common belief = Aliens to be the causative factor. Last time I spoke with one I told an old 'dirty joke' and I swear I heard a "YUCK" after I completed the joke.
    The joke I shared with my Alien acquaintance was fairly short and I believe funny so I'll share with you.
    The White Horse Fell In The MUD.
    Hope you liked the joke, my Alien acquaintance I'm afraid didn't have much of a sense of Humor!

  6. I believe the light you saw was the China man from 33 and E parking his car. He has to cook up some chicken teriyaki for all the oil field workers that day.

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