The Entire UFO Lore

The origins of the UFO legend in America.

Documents cited include:
Nazis in Antarctica
Condon report
NICAP report
Project Beta original paper
Project Beta transcribed
Rommel report
UAP 2021 release
Avrocar progress report
Avrocar main doc
Kirtland report
I did not save these links but they are all on Google. If you cannot find the rare Project Beta original paper, please leave your email and I can send you the PDF.


11 Comments on “The Entire UFO Lore”

  1. lmao youtube really prevented the spread of this video. to me it's quite obvious people like Bob Lazar and Phil Schneider are lying, and that CIA agent just screams disinfo "uuuh yeah we gon' give you some flying saucer footage for your documentary, because that's totally what the CIA does haha it's totally not a cover up story for the people who didn't buy our other cover up story haha" but it makes an interesting video anyway.

  2. Really a great video. Thank you so much for making it. Do you believe in aliens now? i think i might add this to my site; i'm only half way done watching it though.

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