The Governmental Influence

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21 Comments on “The Governmental Influence”

  1. Whilst Alien Gods are undoubtedly real (read any religious book for a start) I think a lot of the UFO's people experience are black budget human craft and or human time travelers.

  2. Well there is something out there, Weather it be a being or some type of AI. I've seen to many UFOs in my days to know. From massive black metallic objects to orbs that have ungodly speeds. But the government's around the world will never tell. Like share and subscribe. Always watching.

  3. I truly don't believe there's aliens.

    I think they're ancient humans who have survived through space travel relativity and came back to the moon base on the dark side of the moon. Moved back in and told NASA to stay the fuck away here's some technology, go. away. Which explains the tech advancement boom that happened in the years after 1969.

    likely leaving again or there's still pockets of ancients on earth somewhere remote or underground. Which we have precedence for with the ancient underground cities we have found most notably in Turkey and China.

    either way.

    all humans. no aliens. Just survivors from 12700-11600 years ago. The sumerian kings list has some insane life spans for their leaders. Who's to say how advanced they were medically, or not 15000 years ago.

  4. Everyone should believe in "Aliens" by now, come on, it's ABC man…pompous to think we could be "alone"😎🔭🔭👽👽

  5. Read William Lyne's books "Occult Ether Physics" and "Pentagon Aliens" to get an insight in how ufo's work and who is piloting them. It is no wonder that ether was taken out of mainstream physics since without proper understanding of ether, there is no way to explain how these ufo create anti-gravity and fly in unconventional fashion.

  6. I think that by releasing the truth they relinquish the control they have over millions with religion. 💕

  7. What does believing in God or not believing in God has to do with it. Cause the Catholic church wants all the power n control. They wants people to follow n believe what they want

  8. I have no problem with anybody's personal faith, what we choose to believe is a right that we are born with, it changes and grows as we do.
    However, what we choose to believe and what is actual fact often get thrown together and the lines between them get blurred, causing confusion, division and conflict. Religion is a perfect example of this and because its drilled into some of the population from a very young age, to them it is fact and sadly those beliefs are held by people with the power to make huge changes in the lives of every day people irrespective of their own personal belief or non belief.
    It could be why the 'visitors' haven't made themselves compleatly known to all, the religious fanatics of the world would rather see them as demonic or evil entities out to decieve everyone and do their best to convince the world we have to fight them as god made humans the only superiour beings in the living universe. With that kind of attitude held by people of power, our non terran friends are probably doing their best to keep their distance and not let the religious nuts with itchy trigger fingers spoil it for the rest of us by starting an interstellar war.
    Maybe mars is a warning we should tread carefully and play nicely.

  9. Hi.This is just a thought and kinda off topic.Its about remote viewing.I believe remote viewing works,a heighten state of conscience,anyway check out farsight on YT for Nov. and Dec.You might find this quite interesting.It has to do with aliens.Peace….:)

  10. Wait till you hear this! What if God was the name of the guy that came down to earth on a spaceship from a planet they called heaven?
    Throughout the Bible anytime you mention the divine word, where does it come from?
    Point your finger up and your pointing into space, other planets and universes!
    It’s a very distinct possibility that religion was designed to keep us all in lockstep and obedient and away from the truth. Consider this. Supposedly God said; I’m a jealous God. Why would God be a jealous? If he were really a God….he wouldn’t need to be jealous of anything!
    The first people supposedly were Adam & Eve, and they had two sons. One son killed the other son Able. Who did Cain marry, and where did she come from? Plus where did the spouses come from that their siblings married?

    Jonah was supposedly swallowed by a whale and remained alive for three days, underwater, without oxygen, in digestive juices, and lived to tell about it?
    Just a “few” of the “many”things that don’t compute.
    Any thoughts?
    Something to ponder… 🤔

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