The Harvard Galileo Project – Bringing UFO Research to an Academic Scientific Level!

I travelled to the Harvard Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, MA Today in hopes to find some people to talk to about the new Galileo Project set up by Astrophysics Department Chair Avi Loeb. But unfortunately the building was closed..
The Academic and Scientific Communities need to become educated on this topic, and I am making an effort to reach out to them to help connect them with the most useful scientific data and information currently available to the public.
Bruce Fenton – Tektites:

Connections between Roswell Debris Recovery / Analysis and Classified Research into Shape Retention Alloys and Ti metal alloys:

Early CIA Black Projects:

And More Recent:

Boeing 1981 Antigravity Study – Frederick Alzofon:

3M Invisible Wall

Discovery of quasicrystals: The early days

Quasicrystals: the thrill of the chase

Discovery of superconductivity in quasicrystal

Electromagnetism is a property of spacetime itself, study finds

Maxwell’s equations from spacetime geometry and the role of Weyl curvature,positron%20pair%20near%20a%20nucleus.


13 Comments on “The Harvard Galileo Project – Bringing UFO Research to an Academic Scientific Level!”

  1. If there are parallel universes then it’s probable that the Nazis made contact with a civilization from a parallel future that share some of the same ideology as they do and they traveled here long long ago from the (parallel) future. Many sci-fiction movies have hinted to this
    (Battlestar Galactica) possibility

  2. Hey Jeremy, you should look into Joseph C. Yater's work on thermal energy harvesting. I came across that material and it might be important to understand that since the effect Mark is experimenting with generates a lot of heat and might require a lot of energy if it needs to be run continuously.

  3. I was always skeptical about the UFO report, but when I found out Bigelow was involved in it, I knew it’s a load of crap.
    If Bigelow or any of his stooges (Knapp, Corbell, Dolan) stick their nose into the Harvard thing, that will become useless as well.

  4. I brought up the No-Communication Theorem on screen, but I should have gone into it a bit deeper when Mark was going into his bit on Quantum Entanglement and building communicators and whatnot…
    I will refer people to this video of Paul Davies of the Galileo Project responding to a similar question about instantaneous communication and travel via quantum entanglement:

  5. I hear quantum quantum quantum. The science of the very small? What exactly is quantum? Is that a materialist atomistic term? If you are an atomist then everything is a particle? What about something that cannot be quantified? How do you measure the unmeasurable? Anybody? Beuhler? The reason I ask this question is that if you consider the Ether to be the actual singularity of the still void inertial vacuum of the Ether then how does one quantify that? Have any of you ever watched two magnets "attract" through a ferrocell? The reason I ask is because it is an architype. If you do not understand magnetism – then how can you understand any Ether based model because it is a snapshot of Ether torsion to be observed, experimented with, and conclusions to be drawn. Very fundamental conclusion contrary to any atomistic perspective. Ether theory and atomism are diametrically opposed. Which way are you leaning? When you say space-time flow….you are talking like an atomist and not a field theorist.

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