The Irish "Atlantis"?

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Narrated by @BuzWeaver:

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20 Comments on “The Irish "Atlantis"?”

  1. Ah Atlantis the ancient flood,two of man's biggest enigmas,Hy Brazil might be part of Atlantis. Nice vid and thx tktc.. cA

  2. Hansel and Gretel found the gingerbread house about 45 minutes after they found the magic mushrooms.
    Yeah, I see it too.

  3. Some of this may never be known. But my guess is its a space craft with cloaking technology, because i have seen them an the bigger the air craft carriers, black metallic and made no sound. Like share and subscribe. Always watching.

  4. The Irish island may have created confusion for someone to be Brazil but later when the confusion was clear it might have been renamed to Hy Brazil. This is similar to the West Indies which was confused by the Europeans to be India but later was renamed to its current name. At ancient times people have wandered east and west to find Atlantis. Anyway this video reminds me of a music video "Wuauquikuna – Indio Irlandes (Official Video)" ( ).

  5. any connection of the said promise land hy-brasil from madame blavatsky's interpretation of the 7 root races (brasil/brazil as the 6th)?

  6. im in england but my mum's side of the family is from ireland my mum used to say white rabbit white rabbit white rabbit 3 time's on the 1st of every month. ive alway's wondered why ???

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