The Last Real UFO Evidence – UFO News & Vidiots!

The last decade of UFO evidence being real was in the 60’s and 70’s. After that, doom and gloom.



FLIGHTGANG 247 – Possible UFO sighting | London | Old Street Station | 6 October 2020 –

ART BELL ON PERISCOPE – Art Bell’s Dark Matter – Brendan Cook & Jimmy Chunga – EVP’s –

SECRET SPACE TUBE – The sun and two giant UFOs – Dubai – July 2020 | @SECRET SPACE TUBE –

SECRET SPACE TUBE – Two Mysterious Interlocking UFOs – Izmir, Turkey – September 15, 2018 | @SECRET SPACE TUBE –


Noticias actuales paranormales – Cámara de seguridad de una playa en Carolina del Norte capta un enorme OVNI flotando en el cielo –

김종권 중개사 – korea UFO shot by Drone, 현장 촬영중 만난 신기한 비행체(경기도 평택) –

BOB GYMLAN – Bigfoot Footage from Vancouver –


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16 Comments on “The Last Real UFO Evidence – UFO News & Vidiots!”

  1. To all the kids who do not know and to the people I told the future to 4 years ago. Says again for the millionth time and I ask to pass on the information I say for the millionth time. A spaceship was observed in the middle of the day 4 years ago and after about a month once again, the Air Force launched an F-16 fighter jet. The pilot circled the spacecraft in the shape of a disk half of which was in a cloud that did not move for an hour and a quarter for an hour and a quarter. The rope When I face the sun, I have only one shirt left to hang on the rope, the sun dazzled my eyes before I put a fastener and I turned in the opposite direction to hang the shirt on the rope, as I turned, I see in front of my eyes an alien ship with half of it in a cloud and a fighter plane 16 revolving around him, in the first half second I realized what I saw, straight down I lowered my face to the floor, slapped my face and placed my right cheek. I immediately realized that I was not dreaming. I ran to my room to get the old cell phone to take a picture, I went back to the balcony to take a picture of the spaceship, before I decided to call my stupid cousin who did not understand what I wanted from him, I told him to look towards the center of Tel Aviv and see an alien ship, the retard was on the sidewalk Or two to see the ship, so also did not call me back. I got back to myself right away to photograph the spaceship, telling you again exactly what happened next. As I point the phone in the direction of the spacecraft and I look at the spacecraft for only half a second, something happened that shocked me to this day, you should pay attention to exactly what happened: the way I want to shoot, and my face towards the spacecraft, only half a second and boom, my face fell towards the floor, My ears became numb, my eyes closed spontaneously, the sense of smell stopped, I did not breathe even the faintest breath, and all this for half an hour straight. I felt like my soul had not been inside my body for half an hour when there was a scorching 32 degree sun, and no mosquito or fly was clinging to me, and all this in a standing motionless position and the phone remained in my hands for all the half hour, and all I did not move a micromillimeter. After half an hour my soul was returned to my body, and they ordered me to return to the room. When I returned to the room I said a sentence that you must all remember this sentence forever "I am scared". Another twenty minutes I heard the plane I did not dare to watch the spacecraft, fearing they would cause my body to have a seizure Heart or stroke., In the Torah they turned Lot's wife into a lump of salt because she turned around to see how Sodom was destroyed. The days did their thing and I started telling close people and I started telling and telling every passing day. I told thousands of people my story. It did not end here friends. I continued to watch the sky and see more alien ships, and then lightballs that I have been filming for the last three years on live broadcasts. A year after I had a sensational experience, the outsiders sent me a number 5 in the shape of a cloud, the way I wanted to photograph this special cloud, in a second, the cloud was erased. I immediately realized that this was the time for a global catastrophe to happen. I started counting the time. About two and a half years ago I started reading the book of Genesis and reading the book of the prophet Ezekiel, only these two books. When I started reading, I realized exactly what Ezekiel saw. Anyone who reads the Book of Ezekiel will understand exactly what will happen next. The target date is November 2022 which is the strongest blow to humanity. Whoever reads will understand. By the way, my name is written in the book of Ezekiel. How the hell did God know I needed to get information after 4000 years, and how did God know I would have to hang laundry and that I would continue to follow and watch the sky for 5 years in a row? Even though humans hate me and all my loved ones and relatives hate me because I told them they would die within 5 years, 3 years have passed and some are afraid of what I told them. They do not understand that it is my job to convey information and inform all of humanity about the impending future. Anyone who wants to see and watch the videos I took such as "Spaceship and Spheres of Light", is welcome on my channel, and also on my Twitter. I had Facebook, delete my account because I talk a lot and write a lot about what is happening to the whole planet and especially to humanity. Pass on this important information so that the survivors know that a person named Daniel has received this information. Thank you very much. Just so you know the target and the security service have been following me for a long time, calling me every day with a different phone number, and when I call back there is no call to the number I called. Every day. Facebook deleted my account. I hope they will not delete my Twitter and YouTube. I worked very, very hard to bring you proof. And I risk my life. I do not know if they will kill me one day. I ask you in the name of "God" Passing this information on to every important person in your family.Everything I have written is in the name of God.I have been given a role to pass this information on to God.

  2. I voted for the second time in my life. I voted Reagan and until I voted for the second time in my life… You can guess my choice. My inner voice about Viper, I mean Biden, was silent. I had a successful business for a decade and a half until all my customers factories got sent to Mexico and China soo I HAD to vote for America and American Made! I had to vote for the guy bringing our factories and jobs back! Peace bro

  3. It's in the ether. I totally gutted out and remodeled my house and it was built in 1920. After I moved in I started having my bar stools moved mote than once per night, cabinet doors and drawers opening or closing over night. I kept a journal after the 1st time the barstool moved to the center of the room and then later that night, it was moved against my pantry door. I stopped keeping track after it starting to quiet down…and about a year later it stopped. Except for the lady in white robes that traveled the same path then disappeared. That never quit. I've always had thing lke that happen

  4. EVP are caught by the “ferrite” in the tape heads, which transfers that sound to the tape which is also ferrite coated. recordings are recorded on Ferrite tapes. I don’t know if the earths atmosphere has Ferrite in it but I do know going back 100 years or more that they used to use Ferrite in plaster mix on walls or what they used to call “wattle and daub” it’s quite fascinating tbh and explains why noises are heard in rooms by people, the walls are relaying back the sounds the ferrite in the plaster has recorded! and in certain circumstances “not always” if conditions are right, you’ll hear stuff. But why are EVP caught by Video cameras? Ferrite is used in the spinning head coils and the audio head. Most just think old cameras just have the spinning drum video head, but they also have a secondary audio head just like a audio tape deck so will still pick up anything like any ordinary cassette based recorder will.

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