The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 – Full Documentary | Paul Wallis / The 5th Kind

For more than 2000 years, scholars of antiquity have been puzzling over Plato’s descriptions of the Island Nation of Atlantis. Questions continue to fascinate researchers and explorers to this day: Spanish Version Here: FREE Newsletter : | Paul’s Book “Escaping from Eden” U.S: – U.K Paul Wallis Channel:
Was Atlantis a real place or merely a literary device – a warning against national pride and hubris?

How could a civilization with the strength to maintain a maritime empire, and to threaten Greece’s security, have simply disappeared? Why is there no mention of Atlantis in any ancient text other than Plato’s? Where was the island capital located?
And what could possibly obliterate this famed nation – as Plato asserted – within a night and a day?

These questions have taken geological researchers all around the world – from Morocco to Indonesia, from Bolivia to the North Sea, from the Mediterranean to the Sahara. All in search of Atlantis.
Still the majority of commentators would regard Plato’s description as nothing more than literary fiction…But what are the implications for humanity if they are a true revelation of lost history..

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Plato’s Atlantis | New Documentary 2020 – Is there a Lost History to our Human Origins Story?

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33 Comments on “The Lost City Of Atlantis 2020 – Full Documentary | Paul Wallis / The 5th Kind”

  1. Atlantis was neither a island, continent, or a City, it was a civilization, a Colony of Ppl, sent here from Venus to Recolonize Earth, exactly 33k yrs the ppl were the Atturians.

  2. Great thinking and "theory" wow!
    So many dots over and over in our life and history but also so much confution and lies 🙄and the best part of all this is that "We" H- umans still dont get it???🤔🤔🤔
    I will say this crazy "thought" of mine 😁
    "ATLANTIS" is our part of the "BRAIN" of this what we call "EARTH"
    ATLANTIS AND LEMURS IS …our left and right brain.
    Difficult to understand but this goes further than what we can imagine.
    Mapping Earth after so many cataclysm had not been successful for the "confution" left by human suffering and wars created because of desperation of not knowing where we all come from.
    Always Left and Right creates whatever this "Brain" wants.
    I could stay writing forever and since we have been manipulated for decades, we will never get the
    "POINT". 😐
    I wonder; one more thing in mind to solve this issue of Atlantis 😊
    "Who is Saint John?" 😊
    Oh and to finish 😊
    Who likes Adam and Eve and "Coqui's" We have many in the land of "EDEN" 😁

  3. the beginning is interesting, realistic even, but around 28 minutes it's gone with the interpretation of concepts of global counciousness that Plato never had in the text about Atlantis. Then it comes back to real things and then again in the end the video is going completely away from Atlantis with pyschadelic concepts like superior beings teatching the human race or ancient atronauts and so on… a real pity because it had well started. Plato only speaks about the memory of past events after cataclysms and the fact that some population come back to childhood as their Culture disappear while some other like Egyptians become more mature because there are not reached by the catastrophe. No image about underwater reearchs in Azores or Canaries or from the local pyramids and prehistorical remains. Could have been much better.

  4. Atlantis was so long ago its probably buried under so much sediment that it would seem as its not there atall

  5. The thing is tho, in ancient Egyptian culture there is a place described like Platos Atlantis. It’s just not called Atlantis.

  6. If there were an Atlantis, it's more than likely buried somewhere within the deepest ocean where none can find it.
    What's to say Atlantis was drowned and buried by the biblical great flood?

  7. Why is the group of Azores Islands not being considered as the site of Atlantis?

    It fits Plato's description….

  8. Mr Wallis, I enjoy your seminars immensely. I would love to sit and talk and learn from you. I just retired and this subject , the whole thing, is my passion.

  9. They found Atlantis a long time ago, but will never reveal it to the public because its existence supports the historical theories of the 3rd Reich.

  10. Why are people looking for it? Because they believe and because it's not just career making, it's history making. Whoever finds it will be immortalized for all time, or at least for the time our own civilization exist.

  11. there is mention of atlantis but mostly among the native americans. not from the greco roman writers. also look at the egyptian kings list.

  12. So what if Atlantis wasn't a single city? What if it was a description of a civilization with many cities? Perhaps those cities were built in a common configuration because it made sense to do so. Alternating rings of land and water instead of outer and inner castle walls, might afford great defensive capability. Sea rings, if done correctly, might also be a great source of food and recreation. They certainly seem big enough. If done correctly it could be a great way to dispose of waste, human or otherwise. Desalinization (far enough away from the waste water ducts) could have provided drinking water during dry times. I wonder what the salinity of the Spanish site is? Anyway…. Graham Hancock says we're a species with amnesia. I think he is right. I also think there are certain power structures that want to make sure we never wake up. That's what keeps me awake at night, among other things.

  13. I find it interesting the emblem/design associated with metal mining is the same ‘Shenu’ design associated with Thoth from Ancient Egypt. Some stories of Thoth state he was a survivor of Atlantis and brought his wisdom and knowledge to Ancient Egypt. Is it possible the massive flood waves coming from the Atlantic brought ships from west to east, across the northern part of Africa? Thoth is also associated with magic…while Horus is associated with magnetism, of which wasn’t “discovered” until 500+ BC from Greece and Turkey.
    “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” Arthur C Clark. I find it difficult to associate a genius like Thoth with simple magic tricks. I’ve yet to find a story of a specific magic trick he had performed. Wouldn’t he had done so in court, in front of the royalty? I’m working on a theory, this is just a piece of what I’ve found. Great video. Thought provoking

  14. Loved this video.please do more on Plato,Atlantis,and Thoth.Why do you think scientists,historians,universities,governments,to this day,study,research, and seek out all they can on this?Atlantean technology lies in Egypt,and the ancient manuscripts of Hall of records,Emerald tablets,city beneath the pyramids,and in the secret archives of the Vatican.

  15. What scientists, historians, scholars, have been allowed to research the ancient manuscripts, in Rome, in the last 200 years? Who were they, and what did they write on their research for the public?

  16. I wonder if some of our people were definitely hybrid or alien and an alien race beyond our planet, had something to do with the astroid

  17. Look up the Bock Saga. All about Atlantis aka Alt Lant Is aka All Land Ice where the white race or "gods"(lower case) originated.

  18. So my obvious question is if when the pieces of asteroid hit the earth did it knock it off of it's axis a little bit? Making the directions (basically) described by plato off just a bit.

  19. This information is what my ancestors wrote in holographic‘s it’s in our ancient text in Africa

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