The Lost History Channel TKTC 'Rerun'

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10 Comments on “The Lost History Channel TKTC 'Rerun'”

  1. As binary systems are the "norm" and I believe theres life everywhere science should always keep all opportunities open. We know more about stars than our own oceans or history. Love this channel. Thank you

  2. You better upload all your videos to a backup account. I learned about your channel thru secureteam and we all know what happened to him.

  3. You would have to admit that complete randomness is logically sound after the analogy of the vacuum hose stated therein, simply because not all things stuck in the vacuum are the same as they would be after you empty the contents and vacuum a different room, or solar system for that "matter" pun intended. As the swirling mass in the center of the vortex is typically specific for that room. That being said….similar, but not exactly the same…like that, but not completely. It would depend on a multitude of factors large to small, but in the most basic….Where it started, what was first to get drawn into or up the vacuum/vortex, heaviest, or most springlike.

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