The Majestic 12

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22 Comments on “The Majestic 12”

  1. Well not sure on so called tone travel. Just don't think an human can be trusted 🙂 with it. Aliens yes 🙂. Like share and subscribe. Always watching

  2. Somehow I have always believed there are other life forms out there. I will be excited for full disclosure. Here's to hoping they are more advanced in knowledge and less war-like than our own species.

  3. The straight up panic, especially by crazy religious people, will be off the charts. Look at how people acted back in March/April when it came to toilet paper of all things…It's going to get ugly.

  4. I still don't think they're aliens not in the sense of like a different species I don't even think they're intergalactic neighbors I think they're ancient humans who went off on a space mission that was going to last however many hundreds of years with relativity and they got back to the moon base and flipped the fuck out realizing something major had happened to their society. and or they've been on the moon ever since and they tried to talk to man when they got back and people just started killing each other for their gifts which was technology so they waited until we were ready for some of their technology and around the 60s they decided we were ready and it's pretty fucking obvious.

    but I say they are genetically human even if they are alien. they are survivors of Atlantis.

  5. The “Majestic” 12. Shit man! A little full of ourselves aren’t we? Give me a break! It was the government. A more apt name would have been THE DOUCHY DOZEN! Hahahah…….assholes!!

  6. What if I told you, slow drip disclosure has been in effect since tube television was introduced to earth humans

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