The Most Credible Recent UFO Sightings

From a UFO spotted by a Colorado Police Department to a pilot’s eyewitness account of a UFO seen in the skies above Arizona, we look at the most credible recent UFO sightings. #UFO #ScaryVideos #SlappedHam






10. Breckenridge Colorado UFOs (October 2014)
7. UFO Filmed From Airplane Over Iran
6. Case 57090 – Kensington, Prince Edward Island, Canada – June 4, 2014
5. ‘And then it just disappeared.’ Pilots Report UFO Sighting
3. Pilots report encounter with UFO over southeastern Arizona
2. Robert Hastings CNN – Washington DC UFO Conference – UFOs and Nukes
1. UFO Flying Over China July 7 2010!!! Real???

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36 Comments on “The Most Credible Recent UFO Sightings”

  1. If I'm in a commercial plane in the air above Iran, a UFO moving at fast speeds underneath my aircraft is the last thing I want to see xD

  2. the government lies all the time ….there excuses sound more stupid then it being a real UFO from a nother world ….our government people today are all a few cans short of a six pack

  3. In Wyoming there was no power problems caused by natural occurrences. If that was the case, then why was every Missile Silo in Cheyenne being heavily guarded? The "Power Outage" affected Multiple Neighborhoods as far as 17 miles out of town. We saw huge transformers blowing up (transformers could possibly be debunked but, that's not my forte). Yeah, they may have "fibbed" just a little bit 😉

  4. I doubt aliens were looking for their lost brethren. Roswell was a long time ago. Besides that, I think with the level of technology evident from aliens visiting Earth, they would easily be able to find the crash site in Roswell and not be so far away just looking around for it.

  5. The little boy gets a great photo so it must be fake. Same old crap from deniers. Photos are to blurry, can’t conclude anything. Photo is to good, must be fake.

  6. 10:39…You're stating this is from China,. which is very true…This resembles the SpaceX technologies from Elon Musk. I knew that crazy S. African was a frigin' alien.

  7. Every sceptical be like …

    When UFO captured from low quality camera:
    "It's probably just bugs landing on the lens or a bird flying cross over the camera lense. OR perhaps just some government droids. "

    When UFO captured in HD format :
    "No one will falls into your CGI skills boy. The video was to sharp and clear to be true. To fake your video at least make it believable. Duh!"

  8. This is the problem?? If you had an high definition camera, you got took up in a U.F.O while say walking….you took perfect film of the journey to ….. were ever….you tell me who would believe you🙄😳🤔🤔🤔🤔

  9. That wasn’t a ufo in China, it was just a firework trying to fly through china’s densely polluted atmosphere

  10. Calen -I love your accent & (all due respect) hearing you say Garage Tickles my fancy!🤗

  11. I was observing Venus on 10/30/20 which was displaying a triple image ( one in front of the other ) when that same ring of lights came into to view, rotating clockwise, moving slowly from right to left at that same moment. I couldn't believe it but I did get it in video.

  12. “666 miles from Roswell” ..ok so aliens are somehow connected with demons/satan and are using human increments (miles) to measure out exactly 666 from Roswell to show themselves 80 something years later?? Hmm…

  13. Every form of photography ever; No far too fuzzy to know
    Young Boy; I’ve a really clear photo!!

    Give the kid the credit‼️

  14. This planet is Hell for the Rest-of-this-Universe, where we incarnate for 10 lives when we are executed for a crime elsewhere, so the Beings/Gods we call "Aliens" are most often just wanting to see what's going happening on Hell

  15. A U.F.O photo thats blurry: Its fake!
    A U.F.O photo thats clear: Its fake!
    Ya just can't win…

  16. Knock it off with the weather balloons story. Were all grown ups now that balloon story doesn't fly anymore . Been hearing that story since the first story back in the 50s.

  17. With all the great video equipment we have today, there is no reason why all UFO pictures and videos are so blurry!

  18. "We think it's reflection is from the Sun". Really? Not from light bending around the craft?… and "Alien enthusiasts"? Seriously?

  19. about 4 of these sightings I have seen before and they were debunked…like the one at 10:12 this one was a booster rocked leaking its gas causing the "comet like tail"…do your research bub.

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