The Nephilim Giants: Enoch – This Secret Book Was So Controversial, It Was Literally Buried!

What made the Book of Enoch important enough to preserve but so controversial that it needed to be buried……the scrolls date from the C3rd to the C1st BCE. The source of their narratives and their authorship remain a mystery.

With a worldview that says there is no such thing as an E.T. monotheising the canon of the Bible had to mean excluding these other narratives.
Why was the narrative of ET contact suppressed?…And are we entering a period where the veil of that secrecy is now being lifted?

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  1. Loved this video! So interesting and for me it tugs at a part of me that wants the truth and believes that the content of this video and many more like a closing in on the reality of our past, thank you for your video

  2. This has been and always will be about CONTROL! These things were omitted because a certain "entity" wants to disassociate you from the true and LIVING God and trap you here with its minions. They want to detach you from the divine spirit so that you become lost and seek their guidance as a means of salvation. Sounds familiar? Like something the government or church leaders would do? They want these things to remain hidden so they can sell it back to you in everything from the air you breathe to the life sustaining food and water all the way down to the death of you and the soul contained within. They also want to be the first to remain in contact with them☝so they can lie about what they've done. Does this also sound familiar? As in; how much can I get away with before I must answer for my transgressions? Are you paying attention to what's going on around you? How many times can the buck be passed before any of them take responsibility for what they've done? You see all the time. No one is ever to blame except for who? Who do they blame? Who do you blame? Is it really God's fault that we can't seem to get our shit together? Is it always the Devil who instills evil in men? Who makes the choice when it's our free will that determines the outcome? Have we become so complacent and afraid of death that we accept this as life? When does the madness end and the path to enlightenment begin?

  3. Enoch was on earth before the flood. When the world was a very different place including how people thought. Their culture a time in history lost where the gaps are filled in with opinions, not truths. How can anyone be expected to understand that lost period. We can't even get the history of WW2 correct

  4. The church is a delusion no body can argu with that. The God is a great lie created from the delusional church commanders.

  5. They have returned and they’ve finally realised that most of our leaders egotistical greedy bastards, so they’ve come to me this time, I kid you not.

  6. I believe the original book , if there even was an original book of enoch was altered and polluted by scholars and rejected ny those in the future after seeing it is quite different than the original and this would never allow such a demonic trojan horse to enter into the scriptures which are revered for their accuracy and enoch is not . So if there is a true book of enoch and I think there might have very well have been especially since Jesus himself in the greek scriptures refers to enoch as well , however that does not mean he agrees with the book of enoch simply because he quoted from it . The saints quoted things said by leaders of the worlds nations as well but their words are not going to be added to scripture in full of they have a book they wrote that is ., and as such the true story of what happened as described in enoch has many errors that controdict the bible and in no way could be the true accurate version as this would be anti -biblical as the bible is accurate , true. correct in all capacity as JEHOVAH god had it written and is inspired by his holy spirit which also serves the purpose of monitoring the works as they were translated as well as when they were written guiding the ones actively doing the work and every word so much as to even have a secret mathmatical code that can be used to identify the validity of every letter, every word, sentence , structure, etc yes even the entire text being changed or not in any way at any capacity. They have a hidden code using the hebrew translation which every character of which is numbered as well as the words of hebrew having numbers assigned as well addup to a specific code making an algorithm that today when entered into a computer with the proper programming and system software tools can easily validate this code quite expediently !!

  7. You should keep it much simpler , there IS ONLY ONE GOD !! Jehovah is the only god there is , and there is no other . He created everything . Enoch speaking of gods is COMPLETELY absurd. The watchers spoke of were the fallen angels of anything and they disobeyed twisted by lies spoken by Satan , as you are twisting the truth serving his purpose of keeping the truth away from the people . Think about what really makes sense , both scientificly and objectionably . Carbon 14 dating has incorrectly given false dates sometimes very very far off by as much asany millions of not billions of years let alone being off by thousands of years when it comes to the sumerian tablets . Carbon 14 is not a constant that is the same in all objects , things like a fire can change that content , where you are at in the world can alter that content , it's a form of radiation that greatly varies and can leave an object , even ones buried in the ground for many many reasons , that also can absorb massive amounts for many reasons for all these things it's easy to understand just how unreliable of a standard carbon dating is and that is COMEPLETELY AND UTTERLY USELESS FOR DATING !! There is sooooo much data on the foundation of the method and why it is used , making. it easy to change a date at will based on the layers of earth it is found in mixed with the carbon amount and this is even worse as those layers dates were completely made up well over 100 years ago if I remember correctly possibly even longer but the point is , it was far before anyone had the data or technology to possibly come. close to the real truth of the ages of earth's sedimentary layers as we have learned due to volcanic activity and weather events geothermal events. earthquakes , etc etc that it is literally impossible to put a date on layers and when you see all this and understand it , the idea behind it really feels very juvenile and silly at best yet irritatingly absurd they would actually go that far as to create such an unreliable system unless they had good reason like promoting their specific agenda their version of what happened according to them and what they want the world to know and believe as fact . People should always question the tools being used the method for study and research and examination and constantly challenge their effectiveness and effeciency in today's world to get an accurate knowledge of the truth about our past. The nations of sumer have connections to many stories in the bible but if they existed so many thousands of years prior to the bible than how is that possible? it's not that how , as the stories in the bible can actually be backed up by our actual written history with evidence not carbon dating to back them up !! the people involved have been identified through other stories found buried , many many excavations that ultimately keep proving the accuracy and truth of the bible . Do the real research and always keep looking , chin up it's only my opinion based on facts , though my memory is not what is used to be and I make mistakes lately . I will take credit for my mistakes when made , but My purpose is to help educate and be educated at the same time , I believe together we can find the real truth to the whole story of the past .We may not find out everything that happened on all it's details but what ever we do will be amazing !!

  8. So Paul are you still a Christian or what is your position now that you have been in quote marks educated

  9. How did Ethiopian Enoch become Caucasian? I thought y’all wanted truth on this channel…

  10. The manuscripts were supposedly burried and hidden. But a simple shepherd throwing a simple rock would find them. There must be some sort of intervention here. They need to be found. Not burried for eternity.

  11. Description I hope so!!!
    New knowledge or forgotten memory it’s time. Organized religious persecution must stop. Are you listening u tube?
    All views should be shared. Let the dummies have a chance to decide themselves.

  12. You mention Jewish and Christian s but do the Muslim say? Their book has the book of Enoch?

  13. The Bible has been peppered, very true its been tailored by man from the inside and outside greed of man.

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