The Nuremberg UFOs of 1561

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16 Comments on “The Nuremberg UFOs of 1561”

  1. True story indeed! And yet still we have those so called skeptics who say we do not know if we are alone in the universe…

  2. That was Saturn- taking over the sun disk…now we have Sirius and Betelgeuse, Who create Jupiter Realm. All will be well.

  3. alcyon pleiades channel explained this as an early demonstration of holograms. several eye witnesses but all of the UFO's burned down when the sun raised at dawn leaving nothing not even debris (the illustration depicting the ufo's falling down hit by the sun's rays). an absolute display of power and fear from the (non-human) controllers?
    and since we (our race) have recently patented this type of technology in the 1930's (documents and patents can be digged out on the web) is what most conspiracy theorists refer to as the soon be the fake alien invasion event aka project bluebeam

  4. This has seemed like one of the remnant battles between Domain and Old Empire but whoever was controlling the area was happened upon by an unfamiliar fleet. This solar system is along an interstellar trade route so…..stuff is gonna stop by every now and then.

  5. The folks described what they saw in the sky …the powers that control info spin it to be something else…too many secrets😎

  6. Happy Thanksgiving have a great day. And never stop bring the truth to light. Like share and subscribe. Always watching

  7. The Bell which is what Hitler designed in replica to the UFO he found in the Antarctica. He knew it was in the Arctic.

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