The Oldest Bridge in Existence?

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16 Comments on “The Oldest Bridge in Existence?”

  1. I would like to ask, if myths are a fictional story of the past, then why is there evidence to the contrary?
    If myth is a fictional recounting of actual events, then what is the purpose of creating fiction over astounding, real events?
    Is it then not more likely that material deemed myth are simply accurate retellings of actual events, erroneously assumed myth by a pompous modern society?

  2. I must congratulate Buz for making more correct pronunciations of Indian names than other Europeans. If you practice reciting Sanskrit names Buz, you will be able to pronounce any language words without any difficulty!

  3. We have to accept this as fact, so how much more of India’s ‘mythology’ is in fact true. Think about their virmana’s & their ability to fly. It doesn’t come from stories, these are oral stories/facts passed down & while I accept stories spoken can be mistranslated, it shows the timeline of our TRUE history. Much love 💕

  4. If evedence of quarrying was found on both sides, wouldn't that suggest co-operation in its construction? I can't see an army helping to build a bridge for their enemy to invade. Or am i looking at this the wrong way?

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