The Pentagon prepares to release its UFO report

The Pentagon is gearing up to release its report on UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) and many are wondering what the report will include and what might be left out. There have already been reports that US intelligence officials do not think UAPs are alien space craft, but many are still eager to find out what the US government might know. Rick Tumlinson, founder and chairman of SpaceFund and co-founder of the Space Frontier Foundation joins The News With Rick Sanchez to break it all down.

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43 Comments on “The Pentagon prepares to release its UFO report”

  1. Just another pathetic distraction from the ongoing destruction of the United States.
    Nothing to see here…move along now.

  2. For once, other than Mick West, there's someone who noticed the scam. The only so-called "evidence" released to the public are those crappy videos of normal every day objects. They're gonna have to do much better than that! 😂🤣

  3. Congress gets more of the goods the public thrown some crumbs hoping the sheep take it as usual…good to know the public has the real authority…pff

  4. Who's mans is this?! We know its et or back engineered craft like the fluxliner arv. The lies and deception going on this planet has to stop! The citizens of planet earth have the right to know what our government knows. They work for US!!!!!! 70 years of deception an lies. Citizen are turning against it own!

  5. Google "CIA project gateway," they know more. These documents are available to read on, quietly declassified in 2003 thanks to the public FOIA, it explains in scientific detail that the universe is a hologram, solid matter doesn't exist and is actually vibrating energy. Astral projection/out-of-body states, meditative time-travel, lower vibrational entities, parallel dimensions, reality shifting, are all real. They had participants in the Gateway Project doing some wacky stuff. Organized religions are confused. When we die we all return to "The Absolute" (God) and keep our seperate identities. Before that though, everything you do to others will be done to yourself in a life review. After death you will step into the shoes of every human being you encountered and feel how you made them feel, either good or bad. (Hitler essentially killed himself 6,000,000 times. One time for every victim because of his actions.)

    God's golden rule suddenly makes sense – Do unto others as you would do unto yourself. That's exactly what's happening

  6. X-Files.
    Ships with weapons are not allowed within one light year of earth. That's why weapons are not found on or used by UFO's.

    So vampires (greed) have infiltrated earth and are using a darkship called the Whitehouse to suck the joy out of life and destroy the planet. It's also how the hostile alien invaders keep their human cattle corralled.

    This darkship is using a cloaking device called Jesus (love) to make itself invisible.

  7. What mystery?
    These objects clearly exhibit flight characteristics no earthly government can replicate with their technology. Aperture shape? Give me a break. Stop focusing on the new "swamp gas" explanation and try explaining the pilot reported videos of objects moving against the wind at incredible speed and turning and stopping on a whim.

  8. I've seen an advanced copy of the report. Wanna see it? Sure…
    Goverment: Yeah we've seen some shit… but what was it? We don't fucking know.
    The end.
    This is why Trump stopped giving a fuck about UFOs. At one point he was super interested and wanted to know everything and talked about it all the time. Then all of a sudden he stopped caring, never said boo about it again. That's because he got the same report we're about to get. A big fat "I don't know" essay on how you're guess is as good as mine.

  9. The great deception. Read your Bibles. They'll use the aliens excuse to explain why folks disappeared when in fact it was the Rapture.

  10. (Proverbs 4:1–2)

    “Listen, my sons, to a father’s instruction;
    pay attention and gain understanding.
    For I give you sound teaching;
    do not abandon my directive.” 

  11. American government is a scam they will say nothing new to us while we know they are absolutely lying about Roswell and them having alien technology from another world. China and Russia would want that technology as well.

  12. The guy keeps talking about the camera but what about all the pilots that saw it with their own eyes this guy just wants to live in denial. 😶

  13. Even after this report if anyone witness a UFO they will still get a visit and harrassed by the Military or Men in Black

  14. Pentagon UFO Report June2021; [unusual flight characteristics, signature management, foreign collection program, sophisticated data collection, major technological advancement]. Activity may be attributed to one or more Foreign Adversaries. – Which means: Several Outer Foreigners Civilisations. Thanks to those who speak.

  15. When is this report supposed to be coming? It’s already 4:30pm pacific time, the whole world is waiting…. Lol the pentagon will never speak

  16. It's obviously US tech they test against US forces to not lose it over enemy territory. The US Space Shuttles used to release triangle shaped vehicles during communications blackouts when releasing military payloads and they would move with instantaneous acceleration after released. (Don't ask how I know) The point is these should concern Americas enemies.

  17. They are called beamships. UAP is just plain stupid, it's ridiculous.
    'Oh, I rode in a P.T.A. yesterday and there were so many people that I had to get out.'
    "What's a PTA?"
    'You know… a bus!'
    "Why can't you just say 'bus' ?!"
    'Well, the media always abbreviate vehicles they don't understand. I don't know how a bus runs so… '
    'Yeah, well UFO, UAP, PTA are all stupid and dumb since three lettering is dumb for those who don't know and why should they if it makes who are not aware feel stupid.'
    Saying UFO or UAP to those who are unaware makes them feel dumb as dogs. They're beamships, it gives a mental image when it is first spoken. No hard unnecessary searching to just look stupid afterwards. Treat your viewers honestly and folks would give a listen.

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