The Pentagon's upcoming UFO report, explained

From Star Wars, to the X Files and most recently, Khloe Kardashian’s quest for alien life in Calabasas, UFOs and extraterrestrial life is a popular topic in entertainment in pop culture. It’s a very different story for politicians. For decades, politicians have steered clear of this topic out of fear of being labeled tinfoil hat wearing kooks.

Politico’s senior national correspondent, Bryan Bender has covered national security for years, which to his surprise now includes a UFO beat. He was one of the first journalists to uncover the existence of the Pentagon’s AATIP office. In that time he has met UFO enthusiasts, researchers and even a few politicians to better report on UAPs.

In this video follow along as Bryan acts as a guide to this strange and confusing world, and then go and read Bryan’s full report on how Washington is beginning to embrace this fringe world.

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21 Comments on “The Pentagon's upcoming UFO report, explained”

  1. I don't think they're going to come clean and it boils down to they will say sorry but we still don't know what they are and we have no way of finding out as we can not capture any as there just too fast and they disappear when approached by any military jet and leave it as that, & yes the big let down is coming because they have lied for so long & they're never going to put there head on the chopping board. So understand it from the liers point of view give as little as you can and don't mention about any ufo crash that was found and retrieved and reengineered and give the senate the shug and say we still really we still don't know, for sure what we are dealing with you how liers will keep on lying because there is no solid evidence that will ever be shown to the public or the senate.

  2. This channel is actually fucking pathetic holly shit. Y'all are better off forming your opinions from Facebook or Twitter lmaoo

  3. The UFOs are ours… Us! We time travel and we move thru portals. I got one or two. For Real! No one knows what this place is so. It resembles a farm. And every 2 or 3 thousand years we kill everyone off and start over. Just see Project Pegasus, we'll in 2016 I and two Microsoft engineers made a triple layer binary coding to make contact. Later, I got a crystals that warp time space and we now just set the coordinates.

  4. Shut Up Politico. Last report about UFO we are going to believe, is not anything you report. Liars! You are in the Fake News list! Just go away. You are the new age National Inquirer. I would believe National Inquirer magazine before I believe you.. Those documents are as fake as the Russian Documents on President Trump.

  5. A fuzzy video is not proof of anything. This is Big Foot and The Loch Ness Monster all over again.

  6. I just got chills when he said there was absolutely no sound, I saw something that i first thought was a police search helicopter, then I realized there was no sound etc. I ran out side and watched this thing for literally hours as it got higher and higher in the sky, at a diagonal, not straight up. It seemed to be hving problems or something, based on how it was flying and what would happen¹ before it'd drastically speed up & climb in elevation then slow way down, rinse & repeat. At one point what looked like military jets seemed to come over and check it out for a few, they took off again without incident.

    I watched this thing literally for hours. It never even approached going over the horizon but instead went higher and higher until i finally lost track of it bc i could no longer tell which dot was a star & which was it.

    ¹ it was a cloudless summer night/early morning (don't hv my notes with me but iirc i watched it from approx 3am til 5 or 6am). Every now & then it'd appear to move like…imagine you're drawing on paper with a pen & get frustrated and scribble something out really fast – now imagine seeing a helicopter "fly" that pattern at that speed while pinkish white-ish lights flashed all around it and the immediate area (a lot like lightning in thunder clouds, except there were no clouds nor lightning). So hard to describe. Ugh

  7. The universe is FAR too big for aliens to visit here. It would take hundreds of thousands and even millions of years to traverse the distances. Worm holes are academic fantasies. We all live in the same universe with the same 4 forces and the same periodic table of elements. We've already split and fused the atom, and there are no secrets left there. If someone travelled for 5 million years to earth in those tiny 'UFOs' I'm pretty sure they would stop by and say we're starving, we have to go to the bathroom real bad, and take me to your leader, instead of trying to avoid contact. Amen.

  8. Much ado about nothing. Americans have always wanted to believe in UFOs for the same reasons as they want to believe in spite of all the evidence in God, Machiavellian government pulling all the strings with mastery, and other generally improbable stuff. We are moving one step ahead from Adam Curtis' Hypernormalisation, in which we know the politicians are lying but we have become cynical to the point of acting as if they're telling the truth. Now that the government and politicians are telling us UFOs and UAPs are probably aliens, we actually choose to believe them. They're still lying. The pentagon has admitted on several occasions actually encouraging the alien life interpretation of what is actually their top secret weapons testing. It's a bit sad Politico, for reasons of marketing or naivety, is falling for this stuff. Arizona, where I'm from, is full of serious crackpots, especially on the right. It's really embarrassing that Americans at large are falling for this stuff. There might well be other life in the universe (it would be pretty narcissistic to guess otherwise) but our skies are so thoroughly monitored now that there would be firm answers and photographic or film evidence by now if such alien life had visited, even without establishing "contact", unless of course they travel through time, but if they travel through times I'm pretty sure they can pull a perfect score in avoiding detection by silly little us. I'll be paying attention on 21 June just in case but I bet it won't amount to much. The Arrival was a pretty good movie though.

  9. They are not a security threat. That’s just what they want people to believe so all can be controlled by fear. So much can be learned by checking out Steven Greer’s documentaries and movies.

  10. Doesn't it make more sense that governments have known and had contact with "the others" for years and they just don't want to tell the common people?
    These recent revelations may be a way to subtly bring us into the widely accepted understanding that we aren't alone.
    Remember that our egos have a hard time realizing we're not the top of the pyramid.

  11. No to the long planned "limited hangout" and fake "alien" invasion crap. Full disclosure about our brothers and sisters out there and the earth liberating supressed tech is the only future worth fighting for.

  12. Elected Republicans have definitely changed. It seems like they are the ones who are pursuing this. 10-20 years ago that would never happen because of the religious right wing. And this is all becoming open to the public because of Trump. Fascinating how politics have changed.

  13. Aliens land and say "We come in Peace. Peace, Peace, Peaceeeeee . . . . . " They enter into treaty with us giving us land "as long as the sun shines, the rivers flow, and the grass grows". Where have I heard that before?

  14. ilmfao!!! Tell a story enough times and people will believe it. With zero proof for 60 years.
    There is absolutely nothing out there for 50 light years that is at our level of intelligence or better. Anyone with an abduction story is after fame and money. Because it is a lie.

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