The Rise of Evil and the search for knowledge

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19 Comments on “The Rise of Evil and the search for knowledge”

  1. Article in the “Sun”, is equivalent to “The National Inquirer”, you can’t trust anything that paper says. And as everybody knows the “Inquirer” is now defunct!

  2. Very less likely that a Russian built UFO would cross the Atlantic and fly through US being unnoticed by US military. Russia would have been major center of UFO activity than US by now. Roswell WFO (Well identified flying object) was most likely a failed US military experiment. That is why they reached the site first but got confused over what lies to tell to media. Just a guess here.

  3. Well they said there were extraterrestrials 4, 2 dead one wounded that died later n one that survived. So as they have said

  4. If the military isn't forced by the public today to disclose all anti-gravity black project technologies which everyone pays for via taxes without realizing it, i'm pretty sure we will be still using rockets 100 or 200 years from now and mainstream theoretical physicists will still be spreading metaphysics that gravity is a result of spacetime curvature. The public space programs will continue to remain a laughingstock in the circles of secret space programs.

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