The Russian Roswell Incident

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18 Comments on “The Russian Roswell Incident”

  1. The Nazi's were actively searching for new technologies and knowledge. Whereas others were afraid to or too arrogant to think ancient technologies and knowledge existed.

  2. We could use an Intervention right about now to help us combat the great evil in the world once again

  3. Well its said that we've always helped Russia, its all part of a show,east vs west but we helped finance the Bolsheviks movement as we also helped finance the Nazi movement,remember Ford motors inside their military vehicles??yea its a small group of men and women running the whole show,the world REALLY IS A STAGE!!

  4. Dog and Pony show is what we get.
    Truth is often stranger than fiction,but it is because, Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't.
    Is a quote from Mark Twain i think.

  5. He's just saying that pretend "off camera" to sucker us in to the whole project bluebeam deal.
    They're all in on it.

  6. Imho no matter which country, Russia or United States, has the strategic advantage in the space race, those advantages are not trickling down to the public in either.

  7. I love it! Primitive people were so technology advanced that Modern Humans are stupid and had to steal our technology from Aliens. Sounds Legit.

  8. Makes you wonder if their are others in the universe they would have a safety feature built in so when they crashed they wouldnt die…."Im not sayin' Im jus sayin'."

  9. Fascinating, I never knew about this. Thank you again for furthering my education. My favorite YouTube channel! Have a great holiday!

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