The same pyramid-shaped UFO over Russia and Mexico City

In July 1997 an unidentified pyramidal flying object appeared in the sky of Russia and it appears that it is a non-metallic object its state as it some kind of pale light in the sky and it appears that there is something like a propulsion device under the UFO which creates a halo that like the exhaust halo emitted by vehicles which works by petroleum derivatives

On February 21, 2006 the same UFO appeared in the same way as it had appeared in Russia but this time in Mexico City.
This time it clearly shows that there is an engine of some kind emitting a lot of energy under the UFO

In December 2018 a huge pyramidal UFO appeared above the Pentagon hidden in the night sky
Interpretations differed as one of the interpretations was that it was just a reflection of light on the clouds in the sky which created this effect and its evidence was that it did not stay for a long time before it disappeared


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