The truth about UFOs and the US government

Author who wrote NY Times profile of secret, $22 million Pentagon program that investigated UFOs speaks out. #Tucker

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36 Comments on “The truth about UFOs and the US government”

  1. 1:40 It's weird the way the object move the same time the camera is shaking. Almost like something was stuck in front of the camera.

  2. The FAA refuses to discuss the Ohare Airport incident b/c if they did, they'd lose their job. With no income one can't pay bills and therefore they are forced to shut up. Easy to control what is said about UFO's because your income is being used as a method of extortion. Pretty simple don't ya think?

  3. Thank you Tucker for doing real news or should I say important news. Those that sleep during the only time you can see out into space,which is 90 percent of us haven't got a clue as to what is happening in our atmosphere as we choose to sleep. Even when you tell someone about the activities of of unknown vessel's in the sky,they either don't want to hear it or know about it which I find absolutely astonishing. The Navy has already said they exist,but us three have know for about 4 years,I can see why they can't just blurt it out,I don't have film but I have 2 witnesses, because if I didn't have them I'm not sure I'd believe what I've seen either,good job sir, people should know this even if they don't like it,we three don't believe anymore,we simply know.

  4. They exist. I believe they are our creators. It’s impossible we are the only one in the universe. Too many planets not having another earth out there.

  5. So regular AMERICAN people are not credible…BS….you don't need a degree to know what you see…really…a trained observer??? YOU MISS JUDGE AND DEMEAN AMERICAN PEOPLE..WITH YOUR ARROGANTS…

  6. We are only being given a small amount of technology out of a larger amount that exsists. I fully believe the government has had this "ufo, uap" tech since Roswell and beforehand. What better way to hide it by letting people continue to believe in the alien conspiracy. If military personnel see this, "oh its from ptsd", or "don't speak of this again, sign this hush-hush non disclosure form. The other majority groups that see or experience this are rural area living peoples or areas where the societal groups are labeled uneducated, lower class, so its easy to point the finger at them at them and say "crazy". Technology has brought us A.I., if I have it right Boston Dynamics has developed robotics that move similar to human beings and animals (some move at high rate of speed and can be weaponized) so why couldnt they have the right components to create a drone or aircraft that simulates movement that many consider a "ufo" or a "uap"?. Its more logical and easier to hide something in plain sight than to keep it as a hidden secrete.

  7. They’re probably not interested cause we’re completely outclassed in every possible way in technology if we tried investigating they probably have the power to end our kind so they don’t try

  8. It’s not the 1st time they’ve been seen in broad daylight by many people or the last. Yes ufos are here and here been here for a long time. We have video of them know so the government can’t deny anymore

  9. This is from 2 years ago, why are people thinking the government just gave us this info in 2020 during covid.

  10. First and foremost UFOs with aliens inside is a scifi joke. Also human scientists created an atom smasher, elon musk invented a self landing rocket. The smartest of the smart is at Area 51 creating anti-gravity ships. If aliens show up, Ill stab one to show the world they die just like we do, that its a trick from satan himself.

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