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  1. Love how the reporter says "water" mockingly…

    Hmmm i wonder if theres any life form out there made up of a high percentage of water… Nahhh

  2. ahhhh man, just came back to this one and it's still just as hilarious as the first time. "who knows dude" gets me so good and I have no idea why

  3. So did anyone ever confirm this guy was in the military? he was like an instructor on some educational level for I want to say the Navy?

  4. Really lame trying to correct the guy's pronunciation of a word we produced by flapping our human meat together to create air pressure fluctuations. Dude! They're EXTRA-FUCKING-TERRESTICLES! Does it matter how they're pronounced?

  5. I dunno man I just wish the aliens can take me back to December 2007 man I had just turned 26 and was some good times man!

  6. You're making fun of someone with schizophrenia in case you weren't aware, which you are but you don't care because it's good "entertainment". It's shameful to have even aired this.

  7. If aliens are made out of water, does that mean we can shoot qwikcrete at them to stop them in their tracks?

  8. This interview never loses its charm. I am not a believer in UFOs nor in aliens visiting our little pale blue dot. Yet, that does not mean that I do not respect the passion and the joy that the UFO guy is host to. So long as he is not harming himself nor others, I will continue to look forward to exploring glimpses of his explorations and experiences. I would love to see what he stumbles upon and what the UFO guy is up to. 👽🐈

  9. Water man you heard the man..WHAATEER. What a legend! People think that the reporter is messing with him but I think its him messing with the reporter.

  10. Extra tres t all. Made me smile today This guy is amazing and so open minded but what's he been smoking though…… Love how he puts the reporter down with the "Little green men" jibe. Everyone knows we're grey….

  11. And here we are 13 years later and "there's no proof" has turned to "there's undeniable proof ".

    If 1) you are ignorant enough to be under the impression that humans are the only living life forms in ALL of existence (given the fact that our entire galaxy is essentially equal to a grain of sand in the Sahara desert compared to all that's out there)

    And 2) you can look at footage like the Tic-Tac, Go Faster, Phoenix Lights, Nimitz videos and stories and still think there's nothing to see here- well you're just about as oblivious as it gets. You probably also think CNN is a "trusted news source ".

  12. Totally a tall white passing in plain sight. Doesn't know how to behave like a human. Doing a characiture.

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