21 Comments on “The UFO's are clustered around the Sun!”

  1. Perhaps they are forming a shield over areas that will produce CME's, potentially massive coronal elections that were directed at the Earth just a theory.

  2. The sun is an entry and exit point, portal if you like, many ships docked there continually 🙏🏽

  3. Jesus had a family with Mary Magdalene and it was hidden to destroy the planet and everybody they refer to their daughter as the Antichrist etc please research Leonardo Da Vinci the last supper painting and the movie the Da Vinci code as well as Donald Marshall and my story please I think I'm the original Eminem and I'm a woman and the reason why I think everyone hates me

  4. awesome catch MissGina! what if those are eggs… or Egg Sacs clustered around our Sol? There is a ton of astro biology roaming / hunting our skies now!! i've seen some like them hatch… look out below!!!

  5. It takes 11 Jupiter's to cross the face of the Sun. 103 Earths. These ships you are describing are the size of our Mother Earth.

  6. What I think this might be is the weapon harp shooting up energy to cause these solar flares to happen so they can create unnecessary weather patterns to disrupt every facet of our being for there new world order

  7. I have poor quality video of some objects flying around the sun . I take videos over the river with my son . Not very clear but something is definitely moving up there . Thanks for your videos . They are great

  8. 2 days ago I did sungazing.. then closed my eyes.. I could see tons of those circles! Usually only see 2 when I close my eyes after

  9. Gina, I heard the good guys are monitoring the sun so negative beings don`t enter or run without answering for crime.

  10. Really there ARE no worries! Humanity is the real deal, that’s right, Gina!!! Cherish that bible!!! You are a child of the almighty God!

  11. The public figuresthat are in place are entities that we power up by recognising them as leaders they are not they are illusions that over time have been functioning of our energy. I’m Helene de Rothschild my family were taken over by entities and I have had to connect with my bloodline to forge ahead with Christ consciousness. We are safe the entities are going to combust eventually as we all awake. Christ consciousness is here in place and we are all connected to Christ so stay strong and the hardest part is over and cleared. All wealth is being returned to the soul who earned it. Listen to your fears that is where you’re strength is. That’s the secret

  12. Those shapes were found in the j&j vax! Just breaking news on Stu Peters show. I wonder what the connection is. Michael Salla newest video talks about how the tall grays were hacking our internet to control our minds! I had some weird dreams and feel like the vax and the stuff you show us is all connected. Another good video is extreme reality check where she talks about scripture, it all connects somehow? You research is another piece of the puzzle! Just last year I would have never even watched you tube? 😮 WOW.

  13. If you look at the filter the light is on the exact shape of the templar cross. This is not a coincidence….in this case its in the shape of nuclear symbol all symbolism for energy.

  14. Thank You Gina, this VIDEO is so interresting 🤔🤔🤔👍👍👍🙏🙏🙏🙋‍♀️😘💕

  15. I'm so tired of missing these, I don't think they are letting your subscribers know when your coming on

  16. The sun isn't what the big brains say it is!!!! I think a lot of things of this world like our history is not as it has been told!!!

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