They found Strange Alien Statues & UFO's in Ancient Art Work! – Erich Von Daniken

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30 Comments on “They found Strange Alien Statues & UFO's in Ancient Art Work! – Erich Von Daniken”

  1. I cannot wait until the aliens reappear. My hope is that all religions will come to an end. Not spirituality but religions. Then maybe we can have true piece in the world!

  2. I could listen you you Erich all day long , I find everything you say so fascinating

  3. Bunch of garbage lmao. If this junk is true, then why didn't mankind have a boom into advanced technology? What junk

  4. It becomes more appearend that the mayas just like the egyptians built a pyramid on top of an already existing important place.. Now..according to measuring the stalagmites/ old was his tomb? Von Daniken says that he thinks 5000 year old..but what do the scientist say?

  5. Smile. m/ ' [-_-] ' m/….Bye… Bottoms up and cheers…Stay loud, stay proud, stay heavy. Take care, be strong, and stay safe …….

  6. Strange Object Is Circling Earth .how to explain that?I have ideas.If they living inside earth so that mean they growned up in a sort of earth attraction.And this could affect their intelligence their knowlegde.Perhaps they and their technological ufo are like SUPERMAN when they are not inside earth.Perhaps they technological ufo using wind and gravity + magnet of earth to feed the ufo speed!!!!

  7. Civilisations back then made up all sorts of religions and theories about how life began….. so them carving a bloke in a machine like chamber is not exactly unusual. That was prob something to do with them sending him to his after life in the stars.

  8. The 2012 calendar did not have an end date, it was a renewal date which means it restarts, starts over.

  9. So they somehow managed to make giant, flying X – Box devices but did not even bother trying to make giant, flying Play Station 5s.

  10. Only 3 Mayan writings survived after the conquest, rape and pillage. It's amazing how they have the nerve to call it the "Dresden Codex" and they reside in Dresden, Madrid and Paris. This is thievery. These pirate countries should return these ancient historical writings to where they belong.

  11. Reminds me of the world trade center and how they build a new building on top world trade center memorial

  12. Aliens needed gold so they put us on here as slaves to mine it . Aliens are still here today the queen of uk is one for starters

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