They'd Never Seen Anything Like It..

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50 Comments on “They'd Never Seen Anything Like It..”

  1. Tyler call me bro, I'm that dude you slurped up in that Exxon bathroom. I was wearing that ET costume. Why haven't you called me bro? I don't just normally have sex with dudes I don't know, but you turned me on so much. As excited you were about my ET costume. Please don't play with my heart, you have my number babe. 😘

  2. I don't get notifications from a long time now. What's up with that!

  3. I used to work in a fish market thats a perfect clean cut thats definitely not done by hand cause you can't cut a fish perfectly curved like that by hand

  4. you can´t use this kind of fish for commercial purpose…because they have to much small bones!

  5. its fucking irritating the people who constantly screwing around with RETARDED comments who dont take the channel seriously…..hey! Go to the FOX channel to be low IQ IDIOTS. FUCKING IDIOTS…no offense to those who back up the channel ……

  6. Interesting to capture things moving that way. Puts me in mind of Oumuamua. / Fish mutilation. Their heads. Hm.

  7. The first Objects Or satellites that the Sun it's reflecting upon. As Einstein proved the light will bend when gravity is in walled. The rest I have no common for.

  8. Some kind of fish processing plant was preparing the fish and somebody decided its a bad batch and dumps them then they wash up.

  9. Several reveals here are concerning to say the least. amua objects seem to be a standardized shape. These huge gas nebula they may be fuel dumps for these interstellar craft, so if a greater scrutiny was given to locations like this we may be able to develop a pattern over time of thier time tables of travel. We have got so much we need to know on our short time here. What is it this NWO fears in the lies and deceptions as to whats going on and their power over us.

  10. The thousands of headless fish pictures elicited the image of the fish being drawn (by motion, light, or sound) into the path of a rotating fan, or within range of, perhaps a laser. Just saying.

  11. That backyard astronomer caught the SOLAR WARDEN ship patrolling our solar system I believe 😮

  12. I wish you would stop saying they are near the nebular rather than flying in the nearfield in front of the nebular

  13. Your journalism and analysis sis so poor sometimes you really need help. Fish have gills what you see as clean mechanical cuts are the outline of their rear gill

  14. Where have you been lately man, haven't heard not a word….you still in this planet?? Gvmnt zeised you up??? What's going on….

  15. There just flying blunts that look like there in space but I'm not easely fooled into believing in space travel , that's all impossible speculation at best but this Nl#5 birth day cake+gelato i grew here in CO with inploded water& ormis wp of gold had thc @ 33 %as soon as i rolled those cigar shaped blunts diped in live rosin they keep flying off i think the dark knight sat is tractor beaming em♡ oh yeah the sun is close to earth and moon is a burnt out sun & self alluminating and it follows the sun as it orbits mother earth in concentric oval circles and sun will soon dec 30 recharge with plasma from earths e magnet energy north poll centre and ark every thing conductive

  16. I actually saw a very large cigar shaped craft flying over SF in Feb. 1995. I had never heard of or seen such a thing. It looked like heat waves were coming off of it. I dont know why no one mentioned it as it was gigantic!!! I told people…no one saw or heard of such a thing until I came across a video where a guy was filming and stopping people on the street and pointing out the UFO. That was about 2000-2001.

  17. Where, oh where has our Tyler gone we need him back on the team!
    Best wishes to you where ever you are.
    We miss you.

  18. Ugh. Let me explain these "cigar shaped" objects.

    The Orion nebula is quite dim. To get images of it, one needs a longer exposure time. A moving object then looks like a cigar because your seeing the object over a short period of time in each image.

    Please stop wasting time with cigar shaped objects in long exposure nebulae images.

  19. if your still a little horse that must make you a foal or one of those shetland ponies then, i knew there was something strange going on, your our mane man though.

  20. Does anyone else see the 3 strange objects from the sun anomaly clip? To the right above the sun? 2 orbs and 1 cigar shaped thing

  21. Amazing video again thank you for showing us your finds I would love to talk to u about a few things I know about a nbn d seen but you know it all to well about MIB popping up . But out where I am I've been seeing a lot of activities in a air force base that is " DECOMITIONED " As they say but 8s very active and a few nights ago I saw something in the sky I've never seen before when I described it to friends they said they have seen it too I will be keeping my video recorder on me so I can send you what we all have been seeing

  22. I see a few still with eyes, at 9 58 of the video. This still is a bizarre happening, but nothing surprises me anymore after 57 years on this Planet.

  23. That’s how fish are processed before sale. Using either a large knife or a pneumatic cutter with a v-shaped blade, the head is separated from the body. If it’s done right, the cut goes straight through the fish’s brain. Worked in salmon processing in Alaska in high school.

  24. One of those floating fishing cities lost or dumped a load I'd say. With regards to Oumuamua I must admit that any decent images we saw were artist impressions.
    What did it REALLY look like?

  25. What kind of fish? Could be from a factory thst deheads the fish first before other processing.. and then they were being transported or something and spilled into the ocean?

  26. “I’m still a little horse”, says Tyler…. awww why not see yourself as a stallion!? Beats the heck out of a pony any day 😉

  27. Very bazaar Tyler, the cut certainly looks precisional and exactly the same shape and place on all the fish. Did a UFO drop these fish back down after taking there heads for genetic experiments?

  28. It would make a perfect hiding spot for huge fleets of alien ships of man made secret space fleet it would make perfect sense to hide in a nebula

  29. The things in the Orion Nebula would have to be so big to see them. They would have to be millions of miles long. Rendezvous with Rama?

  30. That’s the same exact 3-SHIP formation as the moon ships flying from the back to the front along the surface of a crescent moon.

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