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47 Comments on “THINGS ARE GETTING REAL NOW.. UFOs Are Here To Stay”

  1. The shape shifting one brings to mind the effects you see when sunlight is focused through a magnifying glass. You're welcome.

  2. I've seen those on the moon with my telescope something is up there when I see them looks like they fly into a crater like it's a hole.

  3. Hi Tyler, I hope you are doing better! I have extensive time observing biological entities that morph, caught in day time skies. The entity performed for this observer! It is a great example of the diversity of other species, and how they communicate.The entity was able to maintain speed with the plane. The entities of course have upgraded their tech as well! It is hard to watch Greer nowadays. He sounds very bitter over the past report released in June.He was calling out people, and bad mouthing them personally. Has he was put on on a really bad wannabe UFO Shit music channel. Greer, was so busy saying how aliens are our pals, yeah right! When i was abducted in 2011, they just came ,and took me, paralyzed me, but they never asked me. These creatures harass our military, and hang around our nuclear sites, disabling, and starting the nukes it is not a friendly situation as Greer speaks about. Nor was it our own tech abducting me, it was creatures that were not of this planet! Happy b'day, Tyler! Has long has you are not making the worst music videos on the planet, i'll be watching your channel! Peace!

  4. Tyler the camera will not work. It uses an IR blaster LED to put out infrared light. What you need is an IR filter camera. Like a Flir brand. The ufos themselves are putting out IR so you need a cam with the filter so it will block them and make the shape. Cost difference for a cam with a IR filter rather than blaster is huge. Like thousands in the difference. I'm afraid you wont capture much IR from the sky with that 200 dollar jobby.

  5. There are many different kinds of coatings that can be put on an aircraft to change the way it appears both to the human eye and to other types of sensors like radar. It is also a reason many military aircraft are painted black or what appears to be black. The weird shapes you see most likely are just that. The distorted looks on camera can be from the emission of high energy "light" just above or below the human visible spectrum that is overpowering and distorting the image you see but not affecting what you see by eye. There are so many different factors that can explain these "UFO"s and 99/100 times it is not something "alien". Technology has advanced so much and a lot isn't even classified that can be used to explain these. Just look for yourself. And remember, if the "government" doesn't want you to see something, you aren't going to see it. You could be working on a secret project right now and not even know it. That piece of square steel with bolt holes someone makes at one shop can be just one of many different parts by different shops that are bought and assembled at a different location all following a specifically planned chain that in the end builds something you may not see for a few years. If people would stop being so violent and not kill each other at every chance, maybe the release of some interesting things could be done. But that ain't happening any time soon in this worthless society today.

  6. CM: I feel like I was saying that in a documentary.
    I remember that the school teacher said he was pressed.
    But maybe an American woman was involved in the draft>
    This memory is probably suspicious in terms of age.

  7. space odyssey was ruined by making it all about the computer by the end…lacked imagination…. cue the hate replies as i lick my lips in anticipation!

  8. 4:28 if you turn the image sideways, looks like it may be mimicking the shape of a huge ✈️. Looks like a side view of a 747.

  9. It's harder to get clearer pictures these days because if they fully materialized into this dimension, they could get shot down.

  10. Happy birthday, Tyler! Glad you're back in full swing, my friend. You're sounding healthy and full of energy! Keep up the great work!

  11. Stanley Kubrick filmed the moon landings in Europe Disneyland. Look at all his moves if someone would decode the symbols in his movies he is tell you what happen and that why they killed him. The answers are in his films the shining for example the kid had Apollo jacket on and eyes wide shut

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