This Could Be The BEST UFO We've Seen This YEAR!

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31 Comments on “This Could Be The BEST UFO We've Seen This YEAR!”

  1. You can totally identify the individual pixilations on that smudge, good catch, my potato couldnt do better 😉

  2. The viewers are more interested in the birds flying in the view rather than the saucer.???

  3. Digital cameras, unless of great quality and expense, I still think film cameras with the high end lenses are the best for capturing fine photos like this. I still have my high end rca pro edit tape camcorder with a 40x telephoto zoom and extended 90x digital zoom but no image stabilizing so a tripod would be required for distance shots.
    Images I have from football games were amazing.. but who carries a full sized camera these days without raising suspicion of intent?

  4. I've seen at least 3 totally unrelated sources that report the US Military building "submarines" that are manufactured deep beneath Earth's surface in Nevada. When one is completed, it's brought via deep tunnels to some Navy base in CA (not familiar with that state, sorry) & those who see these latest "submarines" don't have a clue that they're the "cigar-shaped" UFOs folks have been speaking of for decades. Corey Goode describes them & their very strange capabilities well on his channel.

  5. Stop being so impressed by the ships and start being impressed by the ones aboard the ships.

  6. Nikon Coolpix P900

    There's a camera with a zoom so powerful that it can make far-away objects, like the moon that's 238,900 miles away, appear close. The Nikon Coolpix P900 has an 83x optical zoom, which is the equivalent of 2000mm zoom range.Jan 28, 2016

    Nikon Coolpix P900 zooms into the moon – Business Insider

  7. I think they are rolling out the holographic technology ready for 2024!!!!!! Real aliens don't do that

  8. That’s very similar to an object my game cam got a picture of. I turned the picture over to New Mexico mufon.

  9. Amazing.
    So sick of CGI videos.
    Finally something real.
    What is the dome to the right? That may be what attracted it to the area. It appears to be some sort of radar.

  10. Who cares about a few people trolling here (even with drones now) and there, especially even in your own town and ect. Because out of all the people, including high ranking government officials, military personnel, witness accounts and testimony, people across the World getting photographs and video — and even abductions and ect ect as well — plus much much more things to list, as the list obviously goes on and on, all it takes is just one of them to be telling the truth. Just one. Out of the thousands upon thousands of testimony, including all the Bob Lazar's and such out there, it just takes only one of them to be telling the truth. So are you going to say that everyone of them is wrong? That everyone of them is just lying? Didn't think so. You can dismiss one, or hundreds, but you can't dismiss them all.

  11. The stealth f117 was out 20 years before the public knew it existed. The public is way behind the technology our military actually has. While life may exist on other planets its NEVER been here. You can pretend all you want about star trek tech but in reality the distance is just too far to overcome regardless of how advanced technology is. Believe me, i want just as badly as ANYONE to see life from another planet and believe they can travel here. My logic just tells me its just too far. Our best shot is some time many thousands or millions of years from now (if humans haven't been wiped out by then) our solar system moves within 1 light year of another system.

  12. Aug 25-27 1999 A-51 Location, Groom Lake, Multiple eye witness accounts. Look up MUFON Case dated early 2000. It was huge with lights like in this video communicating with other ships in area during test flight.

  13. Does anyone notice the balls flying by really fast during this video????? I caught a frame of one at 6:28. At the top it's white and not really ball shaped? It's more Bowl shaped??? Really weird!!!! I saw two. Blake please respond about this????

  14. I believe they've got a a base in the ocean. It seems to be a lot of activity I'll pass Catalina towards Mexico area. Like the one with the Nimitz aircraft carrier I believe 2004.

  15. Best Disc shaped extra terrestrial UFO 2020 under this Pandemic. This is the best Flying Saucer sighting of 5th June 2020.

  16. The suspense is killing me. Whatever they're going to do I wish they'd do it already. It's time for a sweeping change.

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