This drawing of some ancient megalithic structure intrigues me

The article I found this drawing from said that the building is still standing but from the photos it looked nothing like this! Perhaps they buried the evidence but this drawing still remains. Anybody with more information, please do share in comments.
Source: Giovanni Battista Piranesi, Partie des fondations du théâtre Marcellus , dans Le Antichita Romane IV, 1756

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34 Comments on “This drawing of some ancient megalithic structure intrigues me”

  1. Some of the people here saying looks familiar to the Giant's Causeway Ireland. That is basalt formation when you see a Basalt formation standing up out of the ground they are never that straight. I also see letters on the picture starting with a at the bottom possibly being the original formation going up A B C D ect.. each one looks different.

  2. there just like what the aztec used, its so that the structure floats on the surface of the ground instead of sinking into it

  3. Bottom block on the ground looks like a dove tail cut and one above looks like a casting nib. Them pilons couldn't be tree logs there to straight. Kinda looks like what you would get by a bore hole.

  4. famous for his etchings of Rome and of fictitious and atmospheric "prisons" . I’m sure this building is fictitious
    Prisons (Carceri d'invenzione was 16 prints and they have the same flavor as this with large blocks .

  5. the long thin things remind me of the bigong pipes…maybe they werent building this..but it was discovered

  6. i was looking for this print it came from a book published in the 1700's one of the mud flood sights carried this image months back it was said to be in the area of Rome im sure its been built over by now

  7. They are like one's at giants causeway here in Northern Ireland,great video thank you ❤️ from Belfast Northern Ireland UK 👍👍👍

  8. The drawing has annotations all over it yet you never even bothered to state what book you got the graphic from. The book no doubt tells you everything about the building. Another sad video on your part.

  9. I'd be more interested in how and why there is a perfectly square hole in the center of those blocks

  10. 18th century engraving from a book illustrating a gentleman on his grand tour, or an antiquarian, visiting ancient Roman aquaduct.
    There you go.

  11. the description of this picture says: "View of part of the foundation of the Theater of Marcellus". A drawing of ancient roman architectures by Giovanni Battista Pirenesi. I think they built the Theater on top of the megaliths to hide it because the theater is still completely standing and preserved not a single block of megalith can be seen. The author cappin ? What do you think ?

  12. I'm sure u noticed the random letters in the drawing I saw an h an e,b I'm sure theres more
    What's up with that.?

  13. There`s a megalith structure wich should not be excist, but you think about that pillars in the ground^^
    Some agypt stuff.

  14. It's supposedly the foundations of the "theater of marcellus". The book its from is "Antichita Romane". The theater looks nothing like the artists sketch…. makes me wonder if it's another example of Rome building ontop of ancient ruins of a lost civilization!

  15. They must have had cranes bigger than what we have today or a technology that was lost.
    I would love to see someone or 40,000 someone's try and recreate this.

  16. When ground ain’t very stable they hammer posts into the ground they do this today in London building sky scrappers on sand soil

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