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25 Comments on “THIS Is Going To Be GROUNDBREAKING..”

  1. Luna cognita had a vid about the moons true colours & I swear it was the most amazing thing I ever saw….. then it disappeared! This is Huge! We are SoOoO back to business! 🤑🤑🤑🤑 Very well played Tyler!

  2. Tyler, I am still waiting for the long sleeves t-shirts. Why don't you carry them? what about a neon lamp with your logo?

  3. ok guess my honest comment wasn’t to your liking so it got removed. Says it all about the channel. At the moment all comments are positive ones. Wonder why!

  4. You may not want to hear this or maybe you do but here’s the sad truth the W-H-O has just announced that this COVID virus virulent strains are changing at such a rapid rate that these vacc?s aren’t going to protect anyone and they are going to start naming them after star signs I guess it’s going to be sort of like the hunger games when your star signs comes up your time is up

  5. Tyler. I have a piece of video my I would like you to review if you can. Is there an email I can send you this video?

  6. What is more important to you when you get really down to it catching starships on video or having your very own personal experience without video? It is important to ask your Heart what it wants! Only from your heart and for the right reasons can you call one to you when your Heart is ready! They know what is in your Heart! They know if you are not on the up and up! So one must determine this within oneself! It would be better for one to be in tune with your Heart and communicate what you want to them!💡 We are being told that making themselves seen is Not there mission at this time, but at the end of this year 2021 they will pick a place to do that! Later on they will start showing themselves more! So if you do not catch anything now you understand why and if you do catch a starship then you know how lucky you are or in the right place at the right time! Love and LIGHT! 😃😇🤗😉😎❤💜💙💖💚💛🏌🏼‍♀️🌐🌞🌟💎

  7. Groundbreaking eh? The only thing that’s gonna wake this channel up is the skybreaking…
    The firmament will roll together like a scroll
    Maybe then will men begin to understand. Till then find a bible and read or don’t and be without knowledge. Your choice…

  8. Now the new trend is to ufologists say bad things about another ufologists…
    And Tyler is on this move… 👎👎👎👎

  9. At 9:53 i seen that thing before flying over the gulf of mexico but if you looked directly at it there was nothing there you could only see it out of your peripheral vision and the circle spots didnt have any light it was massive and it was also almost dark out

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