'This technology seems to be defying our understanding of physics' – Rep. Andre Carson

June 25, 2021 – PBS News

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20 Comments on “'This technology seems to be defying our understanding of physics' – Rep. Andre Carson”

  1. "Wonderful phenomenona that movies have been made about for the last 7 or 8 decades"

    This quote alone dismisses the argument that these craft are from countries like China or Russia. Of course there are other arguments, but this statement from a rep could help move media away from that attention seeking argument.

    Also like the statements about having hearings. Hopefully Lue and Mellon will be brought in so they can speak with out worry about their NDAs

  2. the likely hood of some sort of alien intervention to extremely probable

    The bio diversity collapse of the planet, and the unchecked carbon dioxide emitted into this atmosphere puts the likely hood of a societal collapse by 2050. 1.5 degrees of warming will be reached by 2025 and we are likely to hit 4 degrees warming by 2040 with the likely hood of perma frost melt and ice melt in unstoppable feedback loops leading to the deaths of billions from famines

    This question persists in my mind. What are these UAPS and to be more blunt who are these beings that have been documented by all ancient peoples since beginning of times regardless of geographical location? Did they make us? are they our gods?

    life is going to change so drastically i don’t expect people on a youtube to believe me, but i hope whoever reads this information will take the necessary steps to prepare themselves for the change.

  3. So I think this is so far the best article/interview regarding the UFO REPORT

    So far every basic media outlet has been basically tiptoeing around the obvious fact that .. that this is alien, if you read the report carefully and you actually listen to what other senators on the intelligence committee have been saying..they are saying this is not some foreign technology not US technology not anything optical illusions or something like that, they are saying extraterrestrial craft.

    I don’t understand why anybody it’s not scratching their heads and talking about the fact that the report clearly says this is a national security threat but they don’t know what it is??

    I mean really? are government doesn’t know what it is? But it’s a national security threat..so obviously if you rule out everything else then you’re left with one thing something otherworldly

    Seems like nobody just want to say it but if you watch this interview on PBS we have an interview with the head of the Senate intelligence committee..

    listen carefully to what he says.. and you can tell me if he’s not trying to say without actually saying it that we’re dealing with extraterrestrial phenomena

    I mean even the guy who was interviewing seems perplexed

    so much speculation and he’s in charge of the senate intelligence committee and he is basically saying this! 🤔🤔🛸🛸

  4. Hopefully they use that technology to show how this planet is being ruined

  5. UFO'S are interested in our military because they know how destructive our military and people in general have been, because people go for power and money at all costs, without taking the very bad repercussions into consideration. The population, health, & wellbeing of the entire Planet of Earth, and ALL Living Organisms, should always be our main concern.

  6. I hope their version of the UAP report wasn’t as empty as ours. We didn’t even get a fuzzy photo of something even though obviously they have more to show, I mean they released the footage that everyone’s been talking about. I’m sure that wasn’t everything they got!

  7. Yeah, These UFOs are ONLY known to be around ''military assets''.
    What about the Nuclear facilitys and the abduction and encounters stories kind sir!?!?

  8. I copied this from the report and consider it to be the most important statement contained in it — especially the last lines: "or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary…"
    The report had just referred to "activities by a foreign government," after which they refer to a "potential adversary."
    Notice the nuanced difference?
    To me, that's as close to an admission of off-world origin as you can get without actually saying it.
    Referring to "signature management," is corroboration of the radar jamming reported by Cmdr. Fravor (2004 Nimitz incident), which is technically considered an "act of war," as it is a proactive hostile action.

    I think the report can definitely be interpreted to include the possibility of other-than-human manufacture and deployment of some UAPs.

    "…UAP appeared to display unusual flight characteristics or signature management.

    UAP pose a hazard to safety of flight and could pose a broader danger if some instances represent sophisticated collection against U.S. military activities by a foreign government or demonstrate a breakthrough aerospace technology by a potential adversary."

  9. Our naval assets.
    What does that tell us?
    This is a terrestrial based technology.
    We are sharing this planet with a technological civilization that makes its home in the oceans.
    We better tread lightly.
    We are not the owners of this planet. We are the tenant farmers.

  10. I knew there was some weird crap going on ever since I read Chariot of the Gods 40 years ago. Then I had it confirmed when I was in the Navy but you couldn't talk about it. And the idea that it might be Russia or China is idiotic. People in the military have been reporting this for 75 years. I'm pretty sure Mao or Stalin didn't have this technology and just decided not to use it because they just want to get along with everybody

  11. There are over 100 instances where modern humans have referred to Elders in literature, over 500 instances in all media formats. Perhaps humans should get on board with this widespread belief….. except for religion of course, which will not allow it. Particularly, the Abrahamic religions. Seems it is easier to say that these things are "of the devil" and be done with it.

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