Three Spectacular UFO Orbs Sighted Hovering in Triangular Formation over Cape Town (South Africa)

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25 Comments on “Three Spectacular UFO Orbs Sighted Hovering in Triangular Formation over Cape Town (South Africa)”

  1. Make sure to ACTIVATE the NOTIFICATION BELL 🔔 and press on “ALL” so you won't miss any future upload! 🛸

  2. id have to assume helicopters and get closer to find out, would help to know where the airport is and whats under said objects, if the person shooting the video cared too they could have researched for other witnesses and media ect to pursue explanations then share in their media, so often the video is all thats known without research

  3. I think this is near an airport and those are planes a holding pattern with their landing lights on. You can see the strobe wing lights on the top one at 1:45.

  4. Having watched military maneuvers most of my life those are definitely flares. They drop them so troops can see what they are doing or they drop them so air traffic can see what they are supposed to blow up.

  5. Initially I was thinking Chinese lanterns, but you see a 3rd object light up which isn't consistent with that. As usual though I pay more attention to how objects move rather than what they look like because you can glean more information at least about what they *aren't*. If they're zippin around doing manoeuvres that can't be explained by anything conventional, then they're interesting. But if they're just hanging in the sky then they're probably something manmade. Like fixed or rotary winged aircraft, a hoax, flares, drones etc.

  6. That’s what I saw in the back of my house. They would light up and shut off only to appear somewhere else lighten up again. Like what’s

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