Three UFOs Over Mooresville, North Carolina March 4, 2020, UFO Sighting News.

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Eyewitness states: I’m sharing this video I recorded on my cell phone back on March 4, 2020 at 6:39pm EST off of Village Commerce Drive and Brawley School Road in Mooresville, NC 28117. I’m certain it wasn’t planes, helicopters, nor drones. I really believe this was a UFO sighting. The shape of these objects appeared as spheres with an unusual bright light that appeared to flash. For a while, they all just floated/hovered in one spot equally distance from each other. Then, one of them slowly floated away into the clouds while the other two remained at a standstill. I wasn’t able to continue recording because I was late for an appointment and had to stop recording. Can anyone figure out what this phenomena is? Been trying to figure this out since then.

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17 Comments on “Three UFOs Over Mooresville, North Carolina March 4, 2020, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. These things are just everywhere now flying around like they dont care if we know …. like were just ants to them

  2. I must pose the question.
    They know that we can see them so how long does anyone think the sitting in the sky, swarming and flybys are going to go on? There is far too much activity for it to be for nothing. What is this all leading up to? Nothing occurs without purpose.

  3. This looks like the lights over Lehigh, Florida. The local Las Vegas FOX News affiliate reported similar lights on February 20th. In their report they say the same thing appeared over Los Angeles, California. Thanks for sharing 👽

  4. Seeing more and more of these lights by the week. Don't think these are flares or drones or aircraft….. so what are they I wonder.

  5. Life is a natural process that happens automatically in a universe. As can be seen even in nature,
    life evolves naturally when the appropriate circumstances are given. Molecules combine slowly
    and become more and more complex until they finally start to "act" on their own. An automatism
    runs as if by itself and with time as an ingredient slowly develops an increasingly complex
    structure of cells, which carry out "tasks" that are increasingly more difficult. When the beginning
    of consciousness arises in this life cannot be said in the end.
    After all, we cannot reliably ask a bacteria about it.

    It can therefore be assumed that in the end everything must contain some kind of consciousness – after all, it cannot be ruled out.
    Only the most complex living beings are aware of their own consciousness, so something like a "human" is logically
    the ultimate consequence; what I mean by that are humanoids in general. Not that there are other stages of development,
    but the fact that humanoids have to arise sporadically everywhere in the known universe must be regarded as proven.

    You can see the signs everywhere; As is well known, there is water on almost every single planet in the solar system
    and where the temperature and mineralogical composition are right, life will very likely arise.
    There is life everywhere, no doubt about it.
    Hundreds of billions of stars alone in our galaxy, each with probably one dozen planets, make it unlikely that we are alone here.
    We have to assume that there are at least a couple much more evolved species that have been traveling through our galaxy
    for hundredthousands of years.Those who have seen it all and jotted down every new insight they had.

    Possibly also some who want to help us to find a way to higher knowledge and deeper insights into the depths of reality,
    so we do not follow the dark path of despair and destruction. I don't want to overwhelm anyone or scare them,
    but we live very sheltered here on this beautiful planet and that's a good thing.

    The time should still be enjoyed in which we can indulge our beautiful life, as if under a bell.
    Time is fate and nothing can be turned back.
    Everything expands into nothing, at the same time and in all directions, we know that much.
    What we can see is limited and what comes after it is uncertain. Nothing becomes space
    and matter and everything that is out there, constantly, every second somewhere in the vastness of space.
    Distant galaxies that we see were there long before our own galaxy even existed.
    And in another 13.8 billion years you will be able to marvel at our own galaxy and ask yourself whether there is anything behind it
    …or "before" it.

    Best regards,

    your friends / the messenger

  6. They look like convincing evidence of three alien orb drones surveying the area the aliens are obviously up to no good. I am wondering why is it that the cameraman could not kept fix on the three orb's.

  7. I'd say they are "the Real Thing" – not like any drones I have ever seen (except over the moon).

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