Tim McMillan Interview with Vinnie #ufo #uap

Tim McMillan is a retired police lieutenant, investigative reporter and co-founder and Executive Director of The Debrief. His writing covers defense, science, and the intelligence community.

Tim Twitter: https://twitter.com/LtTimMcMillan
Tim Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lt.tim_mcmillan/
Tim Website: https://www.lttimmcmillan.com/


5 Comments on “Tim McMillan Interview with Vinnie #ufo #uap”

  1. Govt. disclosure is largely irrelevant. Do your own research and follow the trail to your own opinion/conclusions. Most of us here in Ca have seen the orbs for years several times over. Get off the web, go outside and look up.

  2. Wife works for the DoD…history in intelligence gathering. The government's know that they are losing control of the narrative on the subject. Why not start controlling the narrative by throwing your own people into the mix?? I've always been suspicious of this guy. Although his digging on Greedy Greer was outstanding.

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