Tom Delonge says "UFO's are Bad News"

Tom Delonge says “UFO’s are Bad News”

Credit – Jimmy Church | Ep. 515 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Tom DeLonge

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5 Comments on “Tom Delonge says "UFO's are Bad News"”

  1. UFOs have been around forever and the the government has down played them all along. Now all of a sudden they want to be open about them. I think they are just trying to use this to spread fear and to some how control us. Ufo lockdowns? To get people to agree with climate control policies? I'm not sure but if they're are not from this world I don't think they care about us.

  2. Sounds like a guy who has been paid by the military industrial complex. Next big war ,call space force, create the new world order. Big money of a space war.

  3. They are not bugs, they are us! We do this to ourselves, we need to understand this! Do not fear the reaper

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