Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified – Netflix Review

Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified is a NEW Netflix documentary series!
Share your review and reaction to the documentary series! Do you believe in aliens? What did you think of the 6 episodes?

Insight into the UFO monitoring programs some governments want to hide and facts about the extent of the extraterrestrial contacts.

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7 Comments on “Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified – Netflix Review”

  1. Very interesting series, but just rehash of the stories we've heard already and either believe or disbelieve. Even if these people admit to there being aliens, that itself could be misinformation. The question is, if there really are sophisticated aliens visiting us, WTF are we spending billions of dollars looking for a microbe on Mars?.

  2. 3:50 they did talk about why the government wanted to clear it up/hide it, they mentioned many times that they could be doing it because of power and the public outrage/fear they also said the government might not even have control over it but rather private owned companies do. They also mentioned they could be hiding it because whoever controls these air crafts/knowledge would be the most powerful in the world and if that info was shared other countries would want some of that power/tech and people would fight over it.

  3. So does it have anything like solid proof or just questions questioning the questions and leaving more questions at the end?

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