TR3B Silently Flying Over A Forest And It's Genuine

Guy’s, this is absolutely real, all the reflections and shadows are perfect. There’s nothing that says it’s a fake but lot’s of things that say it’s a genuine TR3B, Triangle shaped UFO. It’s a silent running flying machine. Is it man made or Alien technology reverse engineered? It’s absolutely stunning is what it is.

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Credit: Generationzedpodcast Instagram.
Created by UFO News.


6 Comments on “TR3B Silently Flying Over A Forest And It's Genuine”

  1. Fake, it's CG. 1) camera shaking is too uniform, done with a shake algorithm, 2) why isn't the driver slowing down or stopping to take a better look? Supposedly filmed by a passenger, yet no word is spoken at all in the cabin.

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