Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows 'Very Interesting' Information | NBC News NOW

President Donald Trump discussed the possibility of declassifying information related to Roswell, New Mexico, the site of the famous alleged UFO event.
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Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows ‘Very Interesting’ Information | NBC News NOW


47 Comments on “Trump Discusses Declassifying Roswell, Says He knows 'Very Interesting' Information | NBC News NOW”

  1. Watching this video actually makes me a little nostalgic and miss hearing Trump's sound bites that made me laugh for various reasons good and bad.

  2. Trump couldn't keep a secret to save his life and the powers that be are not dumb enough to tell him anything about UFOs/Aliens. He knows nothing.

  3. Trump, Obama, Harry Reid, and others in government and top secret projects have basically come out in the past few years to say some form of "they probably exist but I can't really say more than that"

  4. naa the news is acting like they don't know what the UFOs are but for anybody that knows what happened in the roswell crash and what they've recovered. By now they know what they are and probably tried to recreate it with some of the best scientists & electrical engineers in the world. and Roswell isnt the only recovered crash.

  5. Why would his son be asking questions like this lol? Its his son…or do they just never talk?

  6. He doesn’t want to say, because most of these ufo’s are man-made secret government projects…

  7. Of course UFOs exist ! But Roswell is a Myth ! Declassified documents came out years ago and the wreckage was from the ultra Top Secret Operation Mogul high altitude radiation detection balloons .
    According to the rumored stories of so-called witnesses the debris couldn't be cut , torn , burned or crumpled ? If so , how could the "craft" disintegrated on impact ? It flies light years through space , thousands of years more advanced than us only to crash and disintegrate the last few hundred feet ?! It just does not add up !

  8. Yay fake news media told by fake news media. What do you know. My favourite and Im sure that the correct moral word for the Middle East is terrorist countries whether or not that is the case of them but nonetheless accurately and not inaccurately speaking. Now whats really going on in Area 51 though. It must be some kind of human experiments that they don't want to admit to or something along those lines that either way has nothing to do with aliens and everything to do with the usa's military. Mk ultra ring a bell. What about the famous operation paperclip and its aftermath.

  9. Go listen to Dr. Steven Greer he has been talking about what is going on with the "UFO" subject for many years now, there exist unacknowledged special acces projects which take money from the taxpayers and use it to fund these projects, they build anti-gravity craft and reverse engineer crashed and shot down extraterrestrial vehicles, the deep state or the shadow government and the psychopathic elite that runs this world from behind the curtains has been planning to stage an alien invasion since the 50s in order to impose martial law and establish a new world order and a global one world government to unite all the people of the earth to support interplanetary war, so basically they are preparing to stage this false flag event in the near future this is why all of a sudden for the past 2 years more and more mainstream media outlets have been reporting on so called "UFOs" and saying they are a threat, in order to fool all the people on earth and convincing most that what the media is saying and what the governments are saying is true, when in fact the opposite is true, the ETs are not a threat, WE are a threat, the ETs are actually prepared to intervene in the case of global nuclear war, because they do not want to see us destroy our planet and cause an extinction event, they have actually demonstrated this many times by flying over nuclear missile silos and turning off entire power generation systems, they are actually on earth to protect and observe US they are helping us, but how can you help someone who does not want to help himself? it is almost impossible for them, i truly hope people of our world stop sleeping and stop ignoring the most pressing concerns and dangers we all face now and in the future, because if not, then we are going to find out the hard way that we were doing wrong all along…

  10. LMFAO.THIS DUDE STAYS FULL OF BS.Still trying to get support from all the p.o.s wackos out there.


  12. I am not a fan of his AT ALL, but maybe this is why he lost reelection. The disclosure coming in june was passed in the first stimulus bill before he left office.

  13. This is why I love Trump!😂Honestly speaking what he is saying there is "People know Roswell holds UFO evidence but I am actually not the one to say disclose it publicly😊" Look at his smile😅

  14. You only need common sense to know his answer whether its true or not.
    If dont know the answer, replay and replay until you get it.

  15. As long Donald Trump was President USA were much funnier from a view outside of the US. Now it is boring again.

  16. This takes me back … to a time when America had a president whom was capable of coherent speech.

  17. Just when we were about to make contact this guy gets president and the aliens made a U-turn.. 🤣

  18. Isnt it funny that since the pentagon have reavealed the existance of UFO the general public arnt bothered. Distraction tactics is what is happening right now. Not sure how aliens will be introduced into the public eye but the funny thing is; there is lots of different species from various star systems.

  19. Whatever it was that he saw it seems pleasing to him. He would otherwise show his distaste if it wasn’t. It may also denote something empowering or profitable which he would also be excited about.

  20. The elite unshielded histologically wink because drill wailly long versus a frequent chauffeur. slim, overt city

  21. Classic Trump,
    Spews the same adjectives and adverbs over and over again , and says absolutely nothing.

  22. Trump doesn't know anything on his own, so the fact that he knows what the word "Roswell " is a reference to, tells me someone has briefed the lunatic on something.

  23. Isn’t it amazing how Mr. Trump is always going to do something and never does? No wall, no healthcare system, no infrastructure plan, nothing. The only thing he accomplished in four years was a tax break for corporations and his rich buddies. Didn’t do a damned thing for me.

  24. He says „it’s very interesting“
    So.. what do you want him confirm more? That’s a 100% confirmation for me that he knows about alien stuff

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