Truth about aliens is known by Trump, says ex-Israeli space chief | Oneindia News

The former Israeli space chief who created a flurry after claiming that aliens do exist and that they are in touch with world powers has also claimed that US Presidents, including Donald Trump, know about them. 87-year-old Haim Eshed, who headed Israel’s space security programme for nearly 30 years, made some astonishing claims in an interview.

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22 Comments on “Truth about aliens is known by Trump, says ex-Israeli space chief | Oneindia News”

  1. It's never been more clearer…. the dam aliens are libtards! They saw Trump was going to reveal them so they rigged the election to make Biden win!! Biden is an alien puppet!!!!

  2. I thought the greatest act of the devil was convincing us he didn't exist. Before you start freaking out
    as a Christian, live is actually the word from alive, and evil is the opposite of being live. Using the letter
    "d" in front of evil denotes a creature who is against those who are alive. If someone says aliens are willing
    to wait until humans understand space, they are being misleading. The only reason aliens have to wait
    is getting the world to build a global communications system they can subvert for their own use.
    Where is it said that when our Lord arrives the entire world will hear him and understand his language?
    Clan Watt knows this history, in our ancient language, Gaelic, we say vir na nog, when the ancients fell.
    You should wonder when hydra became hydro and medea became media. If you read a far more ancient
    book, the Bhagavad Gita from India, you will read about the giants Moses said once existed, only this book
    talks about life after the ice age, with their gods, the Avatars, who flew in aircraft, using missiles and
    bombs as a war between gods of India and Egypt, who also eradicated the giants who became cannibals,
    eating ordinary humans. As electrical beings ourselves, anything electrical is addictive. Clan Watt knows this.
    That's why we never manufacture. Bay-an-uck-let, blessings on you. Can you akela me with both kaanu?

  3. The last president that threatened to reveal the truth had his head blown off. Keep laughing till they are starting us in the face. 💜 wake up my friends 💜

  4. Its disgust me humanity will never understand what space really is. But in my research and meditation I see the Galaxy's full of dragons dragon God and goddess. So u telling me Aliens are the top hey well I don't buy that crap. I rather a world with dragons less than humanity and humanity

  5. Aliens are real, space is huge, it is impossible that we are alone, Einsteins words. Just look around, the western govs trying to push us to accept many new things,vanish borders and nationality, patriotism, lgbtq stuff and more wired things. It is the first step to prepare us humans to accept differences like aliens, to make us humans as one nation, earth people with one priority which is our planet, not country.. It is the only way to save our planet from disaster, ecological or atomic conflict. To be honest we don't have too much time to unite and save this planet which is really dying. In 50 years the earth will be unhabitable.

  6. Las declaraciones del científico israelí Haim Eshed, respecto de los ovnis y extraterrestres, ya nosotros lo habíamos dicho en el libro autoeditado; La Verdadera Naturaleza de los Seres Extraterrestres 1999. No solo estados unidos hiso tratos con et, sino, china, Rusia, Israel, entre otros gobiernos oscuros que vendieron a la humanidad a cambio de tecnología básica. Si alguien quiere leer el libro gratis me lo pide por correo

  7. If you are from the group of people that believe aliens are real and now have decided to wake up, know that they are interdimensional being. They are fallen angels.

    All this is part of programming you into accepting aliens in conjunction with the MSM narrative.

    If you don't believe what I am saying, you will later. For the non believers, you don't know who your real enemy is – satan. The elites of the world worship him.

    Do your due diligence and don't expect MSM to spoon feed you the entire truth.

    God bless. Jesus is King.

  8. Hmm 😒 not surprised It’s been years that people have been talking about aliens are real 👉🏼👽 🛸 👈🏼these emojis

  9. what fing federation? How could such "federation" being so smart and advanced, NOT KNOW??? These lying beings are the ones who have pretended to be the "galactic federation". Its fake just like they are. They are the "federation" and they are deceivers, that is why humanity is in the "dark"

  10. You know what the crazy part is? The crazy part is that when this story broke out of the past Israeli scientist typically if a new story came out maybe only two Media news source Outlets would report on it and then it would disappear. But not in this case once the information came out of what this man knows it's spread across the entire world everybody was talking about it at each end of the world. The other scary part is that nobody was denying it they more or less we're saying yeah we already knew or yeah we figured something like that. Now with all this stuff going on in the stupid election and the stupid covid-19 we as the people are being distracted from something much much bigger. What could it be could it be aliens have already come and touch down to earth could it be there's a big giant asteroid getting ready to hit Earth and kill millions of people could it be the coronavirus was really designed to kill older people and those who are sick and an attempt 2 with draw Social Security. Whatever you might believe something is happening and it's not right

  11. Donald Trump does not know them Donald Trump in many times privately even his first days of being president President Trump said as a professional pilot he does not have to just the plane for a curve. But I know the elites Satan's people that are in control they convince the president's to go along with this manipulation read what the Bible says about Earth that it is stationary and it's on its axles that we are in a firmament there's water above us and water below us.

    Do you want to see the remnants of such a flood the devil's towers in Wyoming is the tree of life that was cut down by Giants

    Giant bones in North America
    Giant bones in South America
    With six fingers and six toes and two rows of teeth

    The bat Creek Stone aka
    The bat Creek tribe in the ten commandments piece of the ten commandments have been found in a casket burial in the hands of the Native indigenous people. Found in 1860 now they are trying to hide the truth and covering it up and they keep mentioning how the Jews must have come here before Christopher Columbus well Christopher Columbus and his crew were Jewish and in this documentary called the bat Creek Stone renamed their attempts to remove the Native American indigenous as they remove us from our lands they removed us out of the Bible of Genesis 1.. the bloodline of Adam

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