TSLA VS UFO, Report to Congress MyStock Market Channel
Sometime in June a report will be given to Congress from The Office of Naval Intelligence and The UAP Task Force and The FBI about what is known officially about UFO or UAP activity in the United States and planet Earth. News of any kind will have an effect on the stock market. In this video I mention all my stocks and whether they are up or down. At 4:55 I speculate about how Tesla, symbol TSLA, will likely be positively moved upward by the news. Space travel and Tesla are related whether they should be or not. Also at 6:55 i mention how I think the report to congress could be good or bad for the market in the future. It is my intention to buy some UFO stock tomorrow. UFO is an ETF fund that just might be feeling the effects of the report depending on whether the report is a few minutes, a few hours or a few days or longer. I am not a financial advisor and I merely am reporting what I will be doing. Any money invested in the stock market can be lost.


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