Tucker Carlson Jeremy Corbell Fox News Interview Breakdown and Reaction UFO NAVY

@Jeremy Corbell Made an appearance on Tucker Carlson Discussing the recent navy UFO leaked video

Pyramid shaped UFO flying with impunity over our Navy warships

Credit Fox News


WhiteBat https://youtu.be/Q9zE4cLSgSg




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  1. I saw on a couple of UFO debunking channels that tested their night vision monoculars & said they got the same lens aperture flare results, but I really believe in Linda Moulton Howe beliefs that this is real!

  2. They must not and will not give us access to their technology.
    We would destroy the galaxy and they know it.

  3. george knapp is a legend ufo og needs statue of him close to area 51 maybe call it george knapp airbase.

  4. why a pyramid and not a sqauare or a circle. see the pyramids were built by aliens. knew it.

  5. bring china and russia to congress show them the videos and be like are these yours, and if there like no ask if we know whos they are

  6. Excellent video again mate. You must put some work into creating this for us all. I watched the same subject on Secureteam 10 which is the first video i have seen from Tyler for a year. I've got to say there was so much more content in your video. I do like Tyler though and he has not been heard of a long while, So lets give him some slack till he get back up to speed. Your still the best for me so I'm staying with you fella.
    Thanks for all you do.

  7. Some of these other channels do nothing but complain about other urologist and debunk every video they come across. I love that your so different. You call it like you see it and keep an open mind. 😁
    Aliengirl111 also has a great show!

  8. What did i tell you, even you hesitate to call this an attack.

    Does it even occur to you that it's what they want you to think?

    Don't call anything anything until you know, otherwise you're already got

  9. Exactly! They can debunk it but the pentagon cannot?! ❤️💕❤️🌈👽🛸 Awesone video this is the first time I’ve seen this too on NOCTURNAL NEWS—- thx so much for the shout out too!!!! You are amazing 💕👽🌈✨

  10. I'm glad you left in where Jeremy credits George Knapp as well. A lot of people don't "like' Jeremy, but I say Principles before personalities.
    Jeremy is a very talented film maker.
    Thanks for your work, and not making it personal.👍

  11. There are only a few ufo channels that show real stuff, ThirdPhaseofMoon is one of those good UFO channels.

  12. We humans have this technology, UFOs belong to us and multiple races of E.T. There are still plenty of necessary questions to ask.

  13. It’s a strange day and age when “Twitter” thinks they’re some kind of experts, yet men and women that use the greatest technology on our planet are wrong. That being said, are they off world craft? Not so sure.. a fleet hanging around one of our warships sounds more like the mentality of this planet. But as you said there’s more then one kind. So who knows what comes next. Great stuff bud. Keep it up

  14. You have very negative views on ETs. Isn’t it obvious that if they were bad they would’ve done horrible shit already? They’ve been around for ever. The idea that they “don’t know what they are” is complete bullshit and we all know it. Like predicted by many they are beginning to spin UFOs and a threat. We can’t fall for that bullshit we have a cosmic family out there and it’s time we join them

  15. UFO's always seem to travel in perfect formation, almost always in a triangle. They always seem to seek out nuclear energy and travel hover over nuclear energy even this reporter mentions this. Most likely the UFO's are only here to study us and our technology. The Alien UFO's are most likely afraid that if we had their technology we will ascend, rise up and overthrow them. But it would be nice if they could communicate with us, What I'd like to know from the Aliens is, how far is their home planet, what do they eat and drink, do they have a one world government or no government. I wonder what makes them more advanced than us, maybe they are able to perfectly clone or replicate themselves to work as one species. My belief is while the Human race only think about who has more money and how to improve ones self, the Alien race thinks about how they can improve their entire species giving them the highest level of intelligence. If the aliens are among us I believe they could give us the technology to reach their high level intelligence but are afraid we will become an unstoppable destructive force to ourselves and the milky way galaxy.

  16. They are either Russian or China hypersonic drones spying on USA. Russia already has hypersonic nuclear weapons.

  17. crazy stuff i tell u
    great video my friend ty ❤🖖

  18. Twitter mentality "if it's real let's call it Fake. If it's Fake let's call it real"

  19. The video footage is legit. I think it's our military craft though it's TR-3B anti-gravity crafts. That's what I think it is.

  20. Exactly ! Over 13 other countries have disclosed to the public UFO/UAP information to the public and the USA are dragging their feet! How can we stand together in defense of a possible bad situation?

  21. We do not know if they are friend or foe , but we must stand our guard until confirmed. Nature has shown us that both exist. I'm sure it does throughout the galaxies as well.

  22. If someone shot at you the first few times you tried to say hello, you'd probably be a little reticent to "make yourself known" too.

  23. Omg lol good job Tucker Carlson pushing the onvelope. He's like F the rest of the news I'm going rogue, Trump armed Ukraine against Russia, scientists have no idea what's going on, they don't, and UFOs are clearly real. F the narrative. Eyes wide open.

  24. Ahhh f it. 1 by 1 by 1. You have a triangle. 3 points. That is 3 focused lenstennas at each corner. They split the ions in the air to negative and positive creating plasma. You have 1 negative antenna on top attached to a tesla coil and 1 positive rectenna on the bottom grounded to the tesla coil. Negative plasma goes to the top positive goes to the bottom, than the negative ions that went to the top switch to positive and also go to the bottom creating layers. Plasmions defract light, thus you can use layers of Plasmions to create a lensing effect allowing you to wrap light around your vehicle. Courtesy of Beelzebub. Seriously look at his sigil. We're really in crap creek. Area 51 should really return that.

  25. We are being INVADED by little green men in blinking green pyramids flying in green clouds and green skies. They come from the moon that is made of green swiss cheese. We know that aircraft have blinking lights so they can be seen at night and the little green men stole that idea from us so they could also be seen at night knowing we have night vision. Those sneaky little green men are spies from the moon on a recon mission to see if we are hiding any green swiss cheese. We could use Morse Code to send them to Switzerland where there has to be tons of green cheese with lots of green mold as a bonus ! General Milley once said to a West Point graduating class that we might have to fight green men, maybe it was over green cheese !😎😄😆😎🤢🤢👽😎

  26. Increase in triangle and pyramid UFO since 2018 and government confirming a sighting, I think something big is coming.

  27. OMG I just saw Ingenuity helicopter take flight for the first time w/Percy Rover recording it, it's fricking live as frick, radically gnarly totally awesome🚁🛩✈🛬🛫

  28. Hello Nocturnal. Refer Jason Shurka. The Pyramid Code PDF released 9 September 2020. Page 30 Last paragraph. Good read very real. I recognize a lot of things mentioned in this document that I already know.

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