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  1. Moon Nazis working with Reptillians from secret bases in Antarctica and underwater bases. 🤷🏼‍♂️ But seriously… This would be the most incredible hoax ever pulled off if it is a Psy-Op program to trick China and Russia into thinking they need to dump a bunch of money into UFO research or demoralize them into thinking we have real alien-tech. Or it could be a giant global conspiracy to encourage us to prepare for extra-terrestrial confrontation by joint forces under a one-world government.

  2. get on the right side tucker. it’s not saying they’re a threat. you’re going to be left behind.

  3. Sorry—-talk about a propaganda campaign–this takes the biscuit–and the piss.
    They have known for DECADES what these things are and have back engineered them etc etc.
    I have been involved in the study of UFO's ( and other related/ unrelated subjects) for 51 years.
    They have the balls (well, it is the C.I.A—who are a law unto themselves) to give the impression it is a relatively new phenomenon by re-classifying them "U.A.P's".
    The C.I.A are professional liars (amongst other things)—and you think that suddenly they are going to tell the "truth" out of the blue?.
    Yes, they WILL project the threat aspect as much as they can….. for a reason.

    If they were to say what they REALLY know, then many, many other "secrets" over the decades will have to come out also—and that will NOT happen.
    Only very few have the real knowledge as it is and always has been compartmentalised–a "need to know".
    Whatever they come out with, you can rest assured that it is NOT what they really know and is part of a major plan to push the threat aspect.

    Elisando?..a career CIA operative and professional liar.
    There are and have been black projects and special access programmes that are funded by billions of unaccounted for dollars and have technology that is FAR in advance of anything we KNOW of.
    Boeing, Skunkworks etc etc….. research yourselves. These private companies are making and have made craft that makes Star Trek look like a Model T Ford—-see statement by Ben Rich of Lockheed Martin-Skunkworks """We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out …""

    Ben Rich: We now have the technology to take ET home – Sirius Documentary scene

  4. They spend all these money to pretend they are looking for aliens in space just make u fuel. But 👽 are here actually for thousands of years.

  5. We all know we weren't going to get anything from the initial report, but its a step in the right direction.

  6. Its a set up. These things have been here for maybe millions of years. Now, the governments wants you to be afraid of them for some reason?

    Don't fall for it, they're putting their steps in place for their plan.

  7. That means that someone can come in our airspace and not get shotdown by the military weird y wpuldntvthey shoot it down ? Oh that's ryt cause it's a deeper level of military u really think an advanced form of life is really still transporting by some form of vehicle lol that's humans u idiots the military has no ideas wats going on above them and so on and so on it's like an onion everybody is not Informed but I guarantee u they have orders not to shoot at them for a really good reason.

  8. Luis Elizondo hints subtly at the possibility that these "objects" may come from "underwater", and interestingly that is a much more sound proposal than the usual "extra-terrestrial" origin, because we know sophisticated life has existed for a long time on our own planet, while we have yet to find anything in space. Even if these were extra-terrestrial beings operating these machines/ drones or whatever they may be, I believe that an advanced civilisation would have found out that living on a planet surface is risky because of the dangers of cataclisms (volcanoes, meteorites) and the long term environmental changes (think ice ages here) forcing infrastructures adaptation on a large scale. We can also go full sci-fi and conceive that being hidden is still the best way to avoid problems in the first place for any space-faring civilisation, as surface structures are easy targets. Simply making a hole in the ground is also a bad idea as it can get obstructed with earthquakes, but making a simple complex on a cliff side deep underwater, for example, could allow to safely maintain and develop a colony (or society) for millenia without fear of environmental/ space hazards, water doesn't even need to be "pumped" but only distillated, geothermal energy is much closer to access in the thinner oceanic crust than on continental drylands, etc. Many "UFO encounters" have happened underwater with militaries of other countries, and whatever scenario we may fancy it is not so far-fetched to believe that there is a UFO parking somewhere under our global ocean. The vast majority of our own planet's surface is still hidden to us, protected by immense water pressure under a few km of water, in total darkness…

  9. If this is indeed what it really is then the government has been covering this up for years. Operation blue book from the 60s, look it up. If we knew A scintilla of all the information that our government isn’t telling us our brains would probably all explode.

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