'Tucker Carlson Originals: The UFO Files' • Available Now on Fox Nation

Are we really alone? Tucker and his team track down the truth behind what we know about UFOs.

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7 Comments on “'Tucker Carlson Originals: The UFO Files' • Available Now on Fox Nation”

  1. Fox News is owned by Disney which also owns ABC the left wing Channel. Disney gets a large amount of money from the Chinese as a result of Disneyworld Theme Park China. The corporation uses the theme park to launder CCP political investments. We are witnessing controlled opposition. Tucker Carlson is muzzled and the things that truely matter you'll never get to hear from Fox. They'll give you just enough of a taste of the truth to keep you hooked. And they'll abuse their reputation for propaganda purposes when it's deemed worthy and feasible.

  2. Just another source of information about nothing, but tune in for more information about nothing.

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