'Tucker Carlson Tonight' explores possible evidence of UFOs

Former defense official Luis Elizondo on testing UFO material to determine its origins. #Tucker #FoxNews

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44 Comments on “'Tucker Carlson Tonight' explores possible evidence of UFOs”

  1. Take a look at the information displayed on the FLIR video. I mean the relative bearing at the top of the screen and consider the rate of change of that angle. From that and the displayed speed of the aircraft you can compute the possible speed of the image. It turns out to be about zero. Also, look at the comment in the bottom of the display. It allows you to choose bright or dark for the image.

    If you want a practical analog, consider a child riding in the back of a car as it drives through an area with mountains in the background. If the child absent-mindedly locks his gaze on a specific telephone pole, it will appear to be very fast moving compared to the mountains in the background. The same thing is happening in the "UFO" videos, the tracking system is locked onto, and specifically tracking, the object of interest. You don't realize that because the tracking is automatic by the gimbal-mounted FLIR camera (Your gaze if Fixed on the object, not the sea surface or cloud background.). You can see it, however, by observing the relative bearing angle displayed at the top center of the display.

    There is one video named "Gimbal". It's interesting in that at the very end of the video, the object of interest dashes off "at incredible speed" to the left. The object didn't dash anywhere, what happened is the tracking system either lost track or hit an angle limit and the object could no longer be kept in centered view. That's exactly what you would expect when tracking fails to keep the object centered, or at least in the field of view.

  2. Neither of these 2 dudes have lips !! Just thought I'd point that out !! Anyways, yup there definitely UFO's !!!

  3. Are you sure they are aliens? Did you see a white bald and shiny headed alien? I think that's was Biden. If you saw, dark bald shiny headed alien that's was Obama. They are the trying to change our world.

  4. Is it weird that the history nerd in me is like "sweet! I hope they HAVE been here for hundreds or thousands of years and they took some pictures, I wanna see ancient egypt or an ancient chinese dynasty." 😛 also really would be excited for their history and mythology. Whats their Mozart sound like? Who was their terrifying warlords and valiant heroes. If I got to even glimpse at some of that information, I could honestly die a very happy and content man.

  5. I saw something similar on a cruise ship once while looking out the window. I told someone and they said it was birds reflecting the cruise ship lights.

  6. When aircrafts go through andaman islands with tribes that keep out of contact with the rest of the world, they suddenly get alarmed, pick up daggers stones and point arrows at the aircraft. The aircraft, pilot, ppl in it dont even care about the tribes there.

    Same is the situation here. They are so advanced technologically that they just dont care abt humans anymore. If they wanted to hunt us we are done already! Their purpose of visit seems to be something else..

  7. We saw these in aug 2020 in NC. My whole family saw them including my son's friends. They moved very interestingly, almost morphing together then separating. At first I thought they were drones and flipped them off (lol). They were too high to be drones, made no noise and moved really fluidly. They could also 'stand still'. My hubs and I are still freaked over it.

  8. Tucker is running out of hatred for democrats material so he’s on aliens and Bigfoot.

  9. Let's see who on the comment section can blame another race or the democrats for aliens. . . 😂

  10. Tucker is about as scientifically and aeronautically literate as a jackass. He has no idea what he is trying to talk about or what questions to ask. He’s an embarrassment, even for the low standards of what passes for journalism these days.

  11. I just pray and hope they didn’t shoot one down. That’ll make it worse and almost ensure we are doomed. MH360 might still be we’ll and everyone in it alive and in another world being observed by a more superior civilization

  12. I've never been sure why these things are a secret 🤔 from others if anything we all need to be together to be against these things lol the more the better

  13. The alien is referred to as “EBE” (extraterrestrial biological entity) in classified documents. They have been here for a long time. Technologies help us get a glimpse of them more often than before, especially with advanced IR telescope. Human eyes can see things in the visible region of the light spectrum only. They can hide by getting in and out of that region.

  14. my son last night went outside to look for the moon and look at the stars and he saw something so crazy, he saw thousands of UFOs in a little cluster and they went to one star and he thinks that they went into that planet or it leads to another universe

  15. what about the prometheus theory that they implanted life on earth based on their species and they would continue to comeback to monitor their progress

  16. The unadvised greek pertinently pretend because hate presumably intend round a tightfisted bee. grandiose, ludicrous sweatshop

  17. I know aliens exist my dad and his friend saw a ufo over his house in 1988. Also I believe the aliens are purposely trying to make themselves known like we’re here and we come in peace.

  18. The veil is thinning and many of us are in contact with ET please no fear their help here to assist us but we must offer our Free Will and request them to…. let us ask them to close the door on our evil governments and free us from the human trafficking the pedophilia and eugenics that have controlled humanity for way too long

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